Cornbread from SpiralArms checks in

I have a melodic-aggressive disorder! I play very melodically with an aggressive attack. Oh yeah, and fingers only please! Picks are for chicks. You will never catch me playing with a pick. It just shouldn’t happen… ever. Slapping is way cool, but not for what I do. It evokes funkiness, and believe me, I love the funk. My iPod has more soul than rock on it, but for what I do with SpiralArms, I could never see us go there. It’s all about the music, the collective effort of all involved. So get in where you fit in, don’t overplay. Also, you have to feel every note. Put your heart and soul in it. Play for a reason, no matter what style. If your body ain’t moving, you’re doing something wrong… My favourite bass ever to date? I owned a bass that Alembic made for Jason Newsted. They made two of them, but he only took one. The Alembic rep brought the other down to the music store I worked at in San Francisco, and I ended up with it. It sounded so killer! I played it during my time with Vicious Rumors. The greatest bass player that ever lived is Geddy Lee. If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose Rush’s Moving Pictures.

Basses Fender Jazz Deluxe, Fender Telecaster bass, Musicman Stingray
Effects Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi, Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls, Dunlop Bass Crybaby Wah
Amps Orange AD 200 MK II head, Ampeg Classic 8×10 cabs


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