Chris Towning of Devildriver raises the bass horns


My bass style is consistent and straightforward. The secret of playing bass well is KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. You’re there to hold it down with the drummer, not complete with the lead guitarist. Know your place in the band and really own it. My bass heroes are Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton. They completed the best metal band in the world. My favourite bass ever to date iwas the ESP B-1 I owned in high school. It’s the reason I fell in love with the humbucker pickup for bass. The greatest bass player that ever lived is Victor Wooten. Do I need to say anything else? Bass without compression is like boating without water. All dried up. We’re releasing our new album, Winter Kills, on August 26th, so we’re headed to Europe first, then doing two full US tours in support of that album for the rest of the year, then be back for the summer festival circuit in Europe next year.
Basses ESP Surveyor
Effects Sansamp RBI and PSA 1, Empress Multidrive
Amps Matrix amplification, Omega cabinets

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