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chris malin

I love to complement the vocal melody and drums at the same time. I like to be heard and not be buried in the mix. I currently play a six-string fretless with no fretmarkers on it. I threw myself in at the deep end. To me, five- and six-string basses are an addition, not a substitute. I love slap bass. It has to be done tastefully – speed and random note hitting doesn’t do it for me. I can slap as fast as you like, but why? Bass playing is an 80-percent mental activity. The remaining 20 percent is simply technique and theory. It has to do with your frame of mind, your note choice, and how you think about the fretboard. My first bass was the worst Fender Jazz copy you’ve ever seen in your life! I was 13 years old, but I was practising five or six hours a day. I played so much that the fretboard was sometimes streaked with blood. My favourite bass ever to date is the one I am currently playing – a Fender Jazz USA Deluxe Active. It has every sound I ever need for live and recording. It’s a true workhorse. My bass heroes are Billy Sheehan (I spent years learning all the Mr Big and Talas stuff), Jaco, Flea, John Myung, and Victor Wooten. The greatest bass player that ever lived was Jaco Pastorius. It ended badly with the guy, but he was doing stuff when he was 19 years old that some guys spend a lifetime trying to learn.
Basses Fender Jazz, Music Man Stingray, Yamaha Attitude Billy Sheehan, H & S custom six-string fretless
Amps Gallien-Kruger 700RB, Ampeg SVT

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