Bernhard Lackner on bass

Bernhard Lackner

Coming from Austria, I had the chance to grow up listening to styles such as baroque and classical music and, as I developed further in my playing, I was introduced to bands like Chick Corea Electric Band, Pat Metheny and the Yellowjackets to name a few. My style of playing and composing is definitely a result of all these styles in a way. I would describe it as modern fusion jazz, because it’s a fusion of different styles. I play six-string bass, because I feel like I can express myself the way I want on this instrument. Due to its large range I can play well in the lower register, but at the same time have higher notes available if I need them. I slap because I like the percussive and rhythmic option the technique gives me. My way of slapping isn’t really slap though. Any slap-sounding bass-lines on my CDs are played with a new type of plucking hand technique which I developed for myself over the years. I found that I needed to find my own way of doing it. In 2014 I will come out with a DVD on this technique. We started filming footage in Nashville earlier this year. The secret of playing bass well is to find your path and constantly keep working on your skills in order to progress on that path. My favourite bass ever to date is my Hemage six-string. It’s a super simple, passive instrument which very much helped me to find my own sound.
Basses Hemage six-string
Effects Visual Sound Analog H2O delay/chorus
Amps Aguilar DB750 and Tonehammer 500 amps, DB2x10” cab

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