Bass talk with Lorenzo Feliciati of Twinscapes

lorenzo feliciati

I try to do my best to create bass-lines that are useful for the music and not for my ego: usually groovy doesn’t mean super-busy. When I play songs from my solo albums I can play a lot of notes but I try to look at the songs as the composer and producer and not only as the bass player. The first concert I went to was Weather Report in 1980 with Jaco… I can say that that night changed my life forever. Jaco was such an enormous presence on stage, with great charisma and personality. That night I discovered that the bass can be the instrument that will be in the center of the sonic spectrum of a band. Listen carefully to what the drummer is doing, and what all the rest of the band is doing. We are exactly in the middle of everything so we must be a reference in harmony and in rhythm for everyone at the same moment.
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