Bass Direct

The latest news from Midlands-based bass specialist, Mark Stickley and his team at Bass Direct should be enough to tempt any bass player over to BD’s headquarters at Warwick (the town, not the bass manufacturers). New stock includes: MTD Kingstons KZ5, Brubaker Brute JJX, Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 amplifier, SL112 lightweight cabinets, 410/115 DB cabinets and pedals (with pickups and preamps to follow), Mike Lull (including the £2200 M4V reviewed in our last issue and incorrectly priced by us… sorry Mark), Elrick, Dingwall, Sandberg and Yamaha basses. They’ve also got the new EBS Billy Sheehan pedal, the lucky swines, and a load of TC Electronic and Bergantino gear for your viewing and testing pleasure.

bass direct

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