Annie Gardiner of Hysterical Injury on the bass life

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I would describe my bass style as intuitive and groovy. I don’t play a five-string because I prefer four. I used to play a Rickenbacker five-string and preferred to record with it, because I loved how it sounded like the very low strings on a piano. For punkier stuff, my Yamaha RBX four-string is my first choice. I also don’t feel as scared to bash it about because it cost a lot less! I tend not to slap, but I can. It depends what the song needs… Our song ‘Into The Cabin’ is slapped but not in a funky way, it is gentle and hits harmonics so it has the percussive thing but not over the top. My first bass was a Zenta. My dad gave it to me, he got it from Woolworths in the 70s and used it for home demos. He got annoyed with me saying I was bored one summer, so he said ‘If you’re bored, you’ll learn to play this’. I proceeded to decorate it just like Billy Corgan’s guitar, with loads of coloured dots. My bass heroes are: D’Arcy Wretzky from Smashing Pumpkins, Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, Tom Jenkinson [Squarepusher] and Brian Gibson. The last time I was completely blown apart by live bass playing was Squarepusher in Bristol. Unbelievably intense playing alongside insane drum and bass beats, he puts incredible skill and soul into experimental breakbeats, it was really amazing to witness.
Basses Yamaha RBX
Effects Sansamp, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, EHX Micro POG, EHX Freeze, MXR Carbon Copy analogue delay, Boss DD6 digital delay, Zvex Fuzz Factory
Amps Ampeg B4R head, 2×12” Lombardi cabs, Ampeg valve Gemini twin combo with additional custom 2×12” cab

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