Andrew Burton of Toranaga talks Ricky style

andy burton

My bass style is straightforward, driving the song and heavy. I do not play five-string bass, as there has never been a need in what we play and four strings are more than enough for my fat clumsy fingers. I do not slap for the same reasons as not playing a five-string: it looks and sounds bad and wrong when I attempt it. There is no secret to playing bass or any other instrument well, it’s a case of the more you do it, the more you can do it – just keep doing it. My first bass was a short-scale Telecaster-style bass but I can’t remember the make. Chuffing hell… I’ve not thought about that for years. Wish I still had it. My favourite bass is the Fender Precision, but I can’t play one, the neck might as well be a floorboard to my hands. So it’s the Rickenbacker 4001. The best bass player ever? Steve Harris, his playing in the metal genre has had the biggest impact on me. So much input on every song and masterclass every time. My band Toranaga (TBSO: that’s The Bastard Son Of…) have just released our new album Righteous Retribution.
Basses Rickenbacker 4003, Elmaya Elite
Effects Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Boss Chorus, Marshall Guvnor, Beringer modeller/DI/driver
Amps Peavey, Trace Elliot

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