Alex Kirk of Go Native on bass tones

alex kirk

If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose Talk Talk’s Spirit Of Eden or Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. I had the privilege of playing a few shows on Peter Hook & The Light’s Unknown Pleasures tour last year, and meeting and playing with someone I used to aspire to and an album I used to play along to was great. I also like the bass on Band On The Run by Paul McCartney. It’s all about ‘Let me roll it’ – and to mention a recent album, I think the bass on the new Foals album Holy Fire sounds great. The greatest bass player that ever lived was James Jamerson, although he received little to no credit for writing some of the best and most recognisable bass riffs of all time. We have just released our debut single, ‘Atom Heart’ and our debut EP, Sleep Patterns.
Basses Fender Precision
Effects Boss SD-1 overdrive
Amps Trace Elliot

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