Igor Saavedra

The South American bass maestro is set to deliver a masterclass called ‘A Bass Approach on South American Rhythms and ERB Fundamentals’. Sounds scary? Not a bit of it, he tells us…

Live in Satiago de Chile“The name of my extended range bass is the Octavius. I designed it myself back in 1999 and immediately asked the luthier Alfonso Iturra to build it. This was one of the first eight-string basses in the world. In 2006 I designed an improved Octavius, built by Claudio Gonzalez. This has been my bass until now and I just love it. As you can see, I have 14 years of exclusive dedication to ERBs. I have no idea how to play guitar, all that I’ve learned in relation to music has been directly through the bass. I’m completely unable to see my ERB from a guitarist’s perspective, and I’m really thankful for that because I dislike that approach on the bass. No matter how many strings you can put on my bass, I will treat it as a bass.

“I’m a bass player and I’m really proud of that. The Vectorial Synthesis technique is my signature technique. In 1992 I saw Frank Gambale’s sweep picking and thought, ‘I can do that with fingers,’ so I started playing only like that. Eventually I realized that sweeping was just one expression of the economy of movement concept.”

igor saavedra

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