Invader of the heart

Jah Wobble reveals his current gear

“I was with Ampeg, but the big change is that I’m now using Ashdown, what they call the ‘Big Bastard’. That’s what they call it. I think they’re now going to start putting it on the actual amps. And that just happened, I didn’t have the Ampeg for the last studio session, I had an Ashdown, and I just loved it. I thought it was the business. And I use Rotosound strings, 88s, the black nylon. I never thought I’d use nylon, but I have been using it for the real dub stuff, which I thought was a real bad choice at one time, but now there’s metal in the core, and I quite liked them. It’s all in the finger tone of course, all in the phrasing.

jah wobble“My [main] bass is an Ovation Magnum. Funnily enough, I’ve been using a Yamaha BB too. They told me – and they might have been saying a load of bollocks – that it’s been spun around in a machine so the molecules point a certain way. It doesn’t look much, but it really has got a very full-bodied sound, it’s very exact. It’s quite possible they were going, ‘I told that Jah Wobble, “They spin this round…” and you know what, he believed me!’”

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