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The London Bass Guitar Show boasts a glittering array of stars this year, and in terms of top name session players, they don’t come much bigger than Guy Pratt.

guy pratt 2We recently caught up with him and asked him if he could give us a sneak peak at what he had planned for his masterclass on Saturday 2 March. “Anything I tend to do like this tends to be slightly different to what the more technical players offer, but as I already tour with my one-man show, I can guarantee some amusing anecdotes from my whole career so far and hopefully give some insight into what I’ve done in the past. I have a bunch of backing tracks that I use to show off one or two things, but these are mainly for comedic value more than anything.”

We wondered if Guy would welcome some interaction from the audience and he laughingly replied, “I will have a security team with me to batter anyone that wants to get too close. They will be swatted like a fly. Only joking. I’m always happy to answer questions and find out what people are currently into, and I’m willing to offer advice in any way I can. Personally, I’m listening to a lot of stuff that came out before I was born, but it’s good to know what other people are getting into.”

With such a varied career, no doubt Guy has acquired a few equipment gems over the years, so will we get an insight into the current bass arsenal chez Pratt? “Quite possibly. Bass-wise, I’ll be bringing either Betsy, my 64 Jazz Bass, or my trusty Status Vintage GP Artist – my signature bass which has become a bit of a workhorse. I’ll have a Zoom FX unit with me that I’m quite into at the moment, but I find I’m more interested in the playing side of things these days.”

guy pratt

As well as being busy with various projects, including his one-man show that will be touring the UK through spring and early summer, Guy has an interesting development on the cards. “I’ve been working closely with Warwick on some stuff that will be quite radical. It’s being developed at the moment but all will be revealed in good time.”

So does Guy have any advice for those attending the show? “Don’t touch the nachos. Or maybe, come with an open mind, and more importantly an open wallet… Seriously, it should be great fun and it will be nice to catch up with all the bass players out there and also to bump into a few people I didn’t expect to see. Please check my Facebook page or my website for details of the upcoming tour, but please don’t send me bass-specific questions, I get so many already”

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