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“I’ll be playing my G&L L2000 bass. I have a silver flake USA series on its way and hope to be showing it off at Olympia. I’ve just been given an exclusive endorsement deal with G&L, so that’s one of my dreams come true. I’m proud to be part of their family and inspired to go from strength to strength this year with Die So Fluid.

grog credit Paul Harries (3)

Credit Paul Harries

“My faithful bass axe has been with me for years and never lets me down, it’s those trusty double humbuckers and Tritone electronics that give me the volume and the clarity I like. I’ll also be rocking my Hughes & Kettner rig, I use a Bass Base 600 head. It really does the job I want it to, but they no longer make them and I’ll be checking out what Hughes & Kettner have that’s new on offer to compete with it.

“Also I use Line 6 Sansamp distortion: it’s the only pedal that can take the continuous kicking it gets live from the Grog boots of rock… and of course it sounds fricking cool!”

grog credit Paul Harries (1)

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