Brendan Duff of Fissure says hi

I would describe my bass style as fast and noisy. I do not play five- or six-string bass, because if I wanted any more than four I would play guitar. If four strings are good enough for Steve Harris, then they’re good enough for me. I don’t slap because I never cared for how it sounds, it sounds like porn music. The secret of playing bass well is playing things that are challenging and difficult to play. Constantly trying to improve and practising as much as possible seems to yield the best results. My first bass was a Squier P-Bass. My favourite bass ever to date was a 1981 white Rickenbacker 4001 with black binding and pickguard: I still get emotional thinking about it. My bass heroes are Carlos Dengler, Steve Harris and Lemmy Kilmister. The greatest bass player that ever lived was James Jamerson. If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose Jesse F. Keeler’s bass tone from Death From Above’s album You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine. It’s perfectly distorted without being muddy or unclear. We are releasing our self-titled 7” in February on Melotov Records which can be purchased at
Basses Epiphone Flying V bass with a Rickenbacker 4001 bridge pickup replacing the stock bridge pickup
Effects Onboard distortion installed into the bass, replacing the treble knob
Amps Orange 1000 watt Tiny Terror head, Ampeg 6×10 Classic cab


brendan duff credit Jorge Bleedingumz

Pic: Jorge Bleedingumz


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