Andy Irvine

“I have accumulated an in-depth understanding of specific style characteristics of most genres and try to make the glue stick using the correct vibe, feel, and tone. I always focus on making it feel good first. Then the basic harmony function is established through a process of elimination, choosing the ideal pitches to support the changes. I have a long established playing voice and personality, and it is present whenever I play a bass, so regardless of what genre I’m faced with I always sound like me.

andy irvine

“I’m a product specialist and clinician for Warwick. They have a complete devotion to creating and the highest quality instruments available, starting with the woods and methods in which they are selected and air dried. It was not until I came to Warwick that I finally found instruments that fit me perfectly and came through for me on all levels, where in the past others had fallen short in one way or another. The instruments I chose to play are the vehicle I need to effortlessly express myself and bring across my musical voice. I choose Warwick basses and amps because they care about me as a player, and they willingly evolve to adapt to me, not require me to adapt to them and their limitations.”

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