Revolver: Ronald La Pread – Brick House

revolverSometimes it’s easy to forget that Lionel Richie was once in one of the funkiest bands that the 70s ever produced. Long before he was dancing on the ceiling, running with the night and stalking a blind woman (in a music video, before we get sued), Richie was a founder member of the Commodores, handling vocals, saxophone and drums on a variety of tracks. This classic tune features a growly and seriously greasy bass-line from Ron La Pread. The way it bounces off the drums, perfectly conjuring the swaying hips of the titular brick house, is enough to get any head nodding and any backside grooving. You can keep your double-thumbed 16th-note slap grooves, this is funk the way it’s supposed to be: deep, nasty and on the one.

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