Meet the team: Stuart Clayton


I endorse Zon basses and love my four-string Sonus. I also have two GB Rumour basses that I am very fond of, a Fender Jazz American standard (which I use for function work), a Mark King Jaydee Supernatural (signed by MK: I don’t use it, but love having it!), a Kubicki X-Factor, and my latest acquisition is a Bogart five-string, which is cool to play.


I don’t typically use a lot of effects, but have an MXR octave pedal and a Bassballs envelope filter that I use together to create synth-like tones.

1001_stu clayton


I endorse TC Electronic, and use the RH450 head and two 2×10 cabs. Love it.

I started playing bass in… 1991.

My first bass was… An Axe P-bass copy – from the pages of Kerrang!

My bass heroes are… Mark King, Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, Victor Wooten, James Jamerson, Jaco Pastorius, Alain Caron… and Gene Simmons.

Slapping the bass is ace/stupid, because…

It’s a required technique these days. Many of the sessions I’ve been booked for have required an above-average standard of slap technique. Plus it’s fun, and I love the direction that bassists such as Alain Caron and Victor Wooten have taken it. It’s a very versatile technique, and I think all aspiring pro players should be able to do it. So yeah, I think it’s ace!

The greatest bass player that ever lived is/was…

Difficult one. Jaco probably, just because he did so much to advance the instrument.

Say something profound here that will make all bassists go ‘Whoa!’ like Keanu Reeves.

You should play the bass because you love it, not because you want to be famous or play professionally. Try to hang on to the excitement you had when you first started playing, it’s easy to lose that.


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