Bassically speaking: Steve Miller

I do not play five- or six-string bass, because I prefer the sound and feel of a downtuned four-string. I used to use a five-string, but I kept breaking the low B, so with less tension in an E tuned down, they last a bit longer. The secret of playing bass well is not to overcomplicate things. If a song needs something simple it’s better to do that than try to jam in something overly technical, which probably won’t sound as cool in the end anyway.

05_def con one Steve MillerMy first bass was a cheap, second-hand copy of a Fender Jazz, it has been retired to the back of a cupboard somewhere. I never play it but it was the bass I learned to play on so I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. My favourite bass ever is a close call between my Traben Array and my ESP LTD F-104. The former is my live bass, it looks awesome and has a great sound with a bigger bridge. The latter is my recording bass, which I used for our Warface album. My bass heroes are Bill Gould of Faith No More – I love his playing on The Real Thing –; Paul Gray of Slipknot, obviously Rex Brown from Pantera and Matt Freeman from Rancid. The greatest bass player that ever lived is Les Claypool of Primus, I wish I could play half as well as him. I first wanted to be a bass player after hearing the Sex Pistols and seeing pictures of Sid Vicious. It was only after I learned to play that I found out Sid was useless.

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