Bassically speaking: Simon Key

I would describe my bass style as the soundtrack to a pirate ship searching for buried treasure: endless determination and a bit dirty. For me, tuning down brings the noise for modern rock while keeping the classic tone of the four-string intact. I find that any more than five strings becomes way too melodic; the strings are too close together. To anyone thinking it, don’t be scared of the keyboard player; you’ve got the drummer, it’s two against one.

simon keyI learnt how to slap a few years ago, but don’t find much use for it nowadays. I like the pop sound but not the thumb slap, too much boom. Also, unless in moderation, I’m not into the neck tap sound either. I much prefer the sound of a muted ghost note over the pickups for a percussive line rather than forcing it out of the neck: more classy, more groove. The secret of playing bass well? First, find a drummer. Turn them into your musical conjoined twin and be the rhythm section, not just the bass player. Second, learn how to complement other instruments with your own. Work the gaps and the unison; not just rhythmically, think frequencies as well. Third, be creative and find your own style. Bass, like drums, is what makes people dance, jump, headbang, tap their feet, whatever. It’s what makes people move their body to music, and if you’re doing that then I’d say you’re on the right path.

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