Bassically Speaking: Rob Moschetti

My whole deal is to lock with our drummer, James DeMaria, as much as possible, without clashing with the flow of the riff or song itself. I am an old school bassist who sticks with four strings. A lot of modern bands are using five- and six-string basses, which allow them to tune way down. But in doing that, they all have similar sounds and tones. We are a bit of a throwback, more in the Black Sabbath, early Metallica style, but you never know what may happen in the future. The secret of playing bass well is to be consistent. It’s a very unforgiving instrument. lf you miss a note, all of the bottom end disappears and the whole room can feel it. It’s not about flash, it’s about keeping the rhythm section solid. The other thing is, if you can’t play with your fingers, don’t: it’s OK to use a pick.

generation killMy first bass was a Spector. I loved that bass, but sold it years ago like an idiot. lt had a very cool sound and l actually recorded the MOD Devolution album with it back in 1993. l’m not just saying this because they endorse me, but l love my Halo basses. They sound great and they are very comfortable to play. Especially on the fast tunes. Plus they look cool. My bass heroes are, and always will be, Geezer Butler and Cliff Burton. They are my top two, but l also love Geddy Lee and Steve Harris. Every one of them has their own style, but the one who stands alone as far as tone and original style is Lemmy. I got to meet and open up for Motörhead in Europe, and he is the real deal. Not a traditional style bassist, but he had the balls to reinvent the role of the bass guitar. He actually inspired the track ‘Section 8’ on the Generation Kill debut album, where l recorded seven tracks of distorted bass. No drums or guitars, just bass. l love the bass tone on the song ‘Dogman’ by King’s X. The combo of clean tones with distorted grind is awesome. Most guys corrupt their main track with a distortion pedal, but Doug Pinnick’s sounds like a clean amp on one track, and a distorted tone on a separate track. Brilliant idea. We are working on a new album to be released in 2013.

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