Bassically speaking: Rick Barrio Dill, Vintage Trouble

In Vintage Trouble, I love the simplicity of where we collectively come from. We lean back towards a time in music in the 1950s and early 1960s where the equipment was still fairly basic and the songwriting and the passion in the players and the parts were tremendously deep.

Vintage Trouble Shot 1-391

While I have a few five-string basses and enjoy playing them in different situations outside of VT, all my heroes played four-string basses and did things with them that we are still trying to get our heads around. It’s all there in those old recordings. Four strings and tons of soul. My first real hero on the bass was Larry Graham. The father of slap bass. I studied so much of his style, playing and approach to songwriting that it is simply a huge part of me. I also got completely infatuated with James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt and Willie Weeks: the stuff they did with tone and rhythm and brilliant bass-lines through no slapping resonated with me at the core. It moves me on such a deeper level that I realised it was more of my true passion and much more of my real DNA. My favourite bass ever to date is probably the bass I have in my head that I am still searching for. I think the quest is probably better for me, because it keeps me going. I have played other people’s basses that I just fell in love with and so I’m really searching for it. I want the most beat-up (like it was dragged behind a dump truck) early 60s or late 50s Fender that just plays like a dream, and has stories trapped inside it that could last you a lifetime. It’s sort of romantic I guess, but I enjoy searching for her. She is out there and I know she wants to find me and come along to make a bunch more stories with me. In the meantime, I truly appreciate Fender helping me out with these accurate replications of these old basses where I can start fresh and make all my own stories with them.

Basses Fender Vintage Series Reissue Precisions, Fender Kingman acoustic

Effects None

Amps 1966 Ampeg B15 Fliptop, Aguilar DB750 head, Aguilar DB410 and DB115 brown tweed cabs

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