Bassically speaking – Pete Mathers

I would describe my style as low, moody and thought-provoking, or at least that is what I hope to achieve. I generally like to sit tight and create a vibe. Bass is such an important part of a track, it should be musical and slot perfectly in with the kick drum so that what people feel is what they can relate to first. My first bass was an Honor bass that my brother gave to me, it’s still Unknownsomewhere in a cupboard at home, he gave it a personal lick of paint which was from Halfords and B&Q. If I remember correctly he put black hardware and even black strings on it… Sounded just awful, but served the purpose it needed.

My bass heroes are Jeordie White with his work with A Perfect Circle, and Justin Chancellor with his work with Tool. I also have great respect for some of the more acrobatic bass players such as John Myung and Kristoffer Gildenlöw; how these guys do what they do always sets me back. Later in the year we’re planning on releasing a couple of other tracks including a song co-written with David Ellefson from Megadeth. We’re also working on completing our first album called Walking Underwater which will be released this year too.

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