Bassically speaking: Ola Flink

I would describe my bass style as basic, groovy but most importantly, improving. It’s also just recently – after playing bass for about 15 years – that I really got into practising and really trying to improve. It really makes it more fun, especially in a recording situation. Five- and six-string basses are the most awkward and uncomfortable things I have ever experienced. They are not for me, and don’t really fit in to what I’m trying to achieve as a bass player.

06_Soilwork2013d Ola Flink


The best thing about being a bass player is the simple fact that you’re not a guitar player. I slap, because it’s funky and fun as hell, it also helps with your overall playing skills. I got into slapping after a tour we did with a French band called One Way Mirror. Their bass player, Loic Colin, is a monster of a bassist. He showed me some different slapping techniques and I got hooked right away. The secret of playing bass well is keeping an open mind, and playing to all kinds of music, not just doing what needs to be done for the band. A click track and a bunch of fresh coffee will also help. My all-time favourite bass is my Peavey Cirrus. My mom actually got it for me to use on one of my first demos. I just recently got it back after about 10 years. I used it on our latest recording, it sounded awesome and played really well. I love that thing.

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