Bassically speaking – Mirko Lehtinen

My first bass was Yamaha’s RBX170 BL. It was a great bass to start playing and learning with. The only thing about that bass that didn’t please me too much was the fact that it had passive pickups: no matter how you set the knobs, the sound didn’t have as much balls in it as I wanted. That was when I realised my need for a new bass. I picked up a Jackson CB-X, and that’s what you need when talking about some serious balls.

ITEM04_Lost Society


I slap a little, because I’ve mostly been concentrating on fingerpicking and string switching techniques, plus hammer-ons and pull-offs. I can swing a few killer slaps and pulls. Besides playing many times a week, you need to have an intimate connection with your four-stringed lover. My bass heroes are Frank Bello from Anthrax, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, and David Ellefson from Megadeth. The greatest bass player that ever lived is either Harris or Bello. Both are awesome at playing and composing. If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose Anthrax’s Among The Living. I love the sound because it has a kickass gain in it and the bass is mixed pretty loud, so you can really hear everything Frank is doing. I get shivers whenever listening to that album and it has been a great inspiration to me.

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