Bassically speaking: Matt McGuinness

I’m currently playing an Ibanez AGB200 TBR hollow- body bass. The decision to buy this model was purely based on how gorgeous it looked. Glass Wing Pilot guitarist and vocalist, Flip, owned a sunburst model, which made me want to buy my own. I’ve never been one for using a complicated rig and prefer to use the simple but effective approach. I use a wicked XXL Tech 21 bass distortion pedal, which really complements the band’s style of music. Currently I’m playing through a Marshall MB450 and an Ampeg PF 410HLF 4×10” cab. I will probably invest in an 8×10” Ampeg at some point in the future but in the meantime my current set-up provides me with the sound I need. I’m not overly technical but I enjoy giving an audience an energetic show, so that involves going mental but making sure I play well.


Glass Wing Pilot

I honestly think I would be terrified of a bass with more than four strings, I barely use the four that I have. I think when playing heavy rock, most of the time your job is to fill in as much bass as possible, which comes from the bottom string. I choose not to slap, because I can’t. It’s a good job I can’t though, because the genre and style of music don’t really require me to. My bass hero is Eddie Breckenridge from Thrice, just because of his creativeness on all their records. You can tell he’s always thinking outside of the box in terms of writing bass-lines – and the fact he goes absolutely mental on stage. Another bass hero is Bryan Wilson from the Beach Boys, mainly because he was able to apply amazing bass-lines to his genius songwriting, and sing at the same time. I believe the greatest bass player that’s ever lived is Chris Wolstenholme from Muse.

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