Bassically speaking: Marcelo Yakko

I play my six-string bass connected to a MIDI system for synthesised sounds and use a four-string for the classic lines. The slap technique for me is vital, and sonically represents one of the most beautiful techniques you can touch with this instrument, which is why I use it. As I understand it, playing the instrument well involves two key elements, technique and feeling – the heart that one puts into every song to compose it, watch it grow and mature and see it flourish. My bass heroes are Steve Harris, Billy Sheehan, Randy Coven, Marcus Miller, Jaco, Michael Manring and, above all, Stu Hamm.

301_Marcelo Yakko

Basses Fender Jazz, Ibanez Ghio connected to Roland GR55 synth, Ibanez GRS

Effects Boss, Pod XT

Amps Hartke

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21 comments on “Bassically speaking: Marcelo Yakko
  1. MJD says:

    Great teacher bass continue playing/Grande profe que el bajo siga sonando

  2. Raul Amador says:

    I had the pleasure of reviewing Marcelo’s CD “Pulso in our March 2011 issue.

    He is a Avantgarde player from Argentine who is striving to bring a more contemporary approach to Argentine music. He is comfortable with a wide spectrum of tempos and feels and is not afraid to experiment with new concepts! Quite proficient in his craft, His CD was selected to be among our 21 CD’s picked for our Latin issue last August!

  3. OSCAR RIOS says:

    buen disco “pulso”,recorre varios estilos con el sello del compositor,totalmente recomendable

  4. Santiago B. says:

    Great album, great music and excellent musician. A perfect album for any time of day.

  5. Daniel Raúl De Gennaro says:

    It’s beautifull, master!!! You know what you speak.

  6. Dario says:

    Marce el mejor lejos

  7. Martin Espinosa says:

    Genioo!! Un placer compartir banda con Ud. Abrazooo

  8. Leonardo Dorado says:

    Muy buen disco!!! Exelente!!!

  9. Lilu Hadla says:

    Marcelo Yakko es un músico de excelencia, no solo porque toda su vida se dedicó a perfeccionarse con gran amor y pasión por la música, sino porque además le pone el alma a lo que hace y eso, lo transforma en alguien que hace la diferencia, poniendo su propio sello mezcla de técnica y talento.Un grosso!!!!

  10. Gabe says:

    Marcelo Yakko is one of the greeters bass players in Argentina unfortunately he live in the wrong country his musical level is excellent he is ready for different country with more knowledge about the music he plays .i hope he can get that big opportunity he deserve I know is a big market for the kinda music he does

  11. Jesus says:

    Nice band! i just had listened some covers from the band and they have a so good sound!
    Good lucky and you can do it!

  12. mucha suerte en este sueño tan lindo y fuerte pero a la ves tan duro y difícil como lo es la música… y la verdad q gente tan fuerte como ustedes y con tantas ganas no c ve en todos lados… pór mi parte les deceo lo mejor ede lo mejor

  13. Eliana says:

    Suerteee Martiinn. Las mejores vibras para ustedes (:

  14. Muy bien chicos, sigan así, que van por el camino correcto.
    Muy buena la banda
    Felicitaciones y muchos éxitos!!!

  15. Peppe says:

    Yakko’s a great musician and composer. And an excellent teacher. There are many good musicians, but not everyone has the ability to transmit their knowledge.

  16. el disco de Marcelo Yakko Pulso es Excelente!!! escucharlo me causa una gran Emocion !!!! su pulso es fantastico.

    Tu Admirador
    Robert 🙂

  17. Pablo says:

    One of the most “balanced” bass player!!! cool phrasing, awesome technique, beutiful songs…. can´t fail!

  18. what a good musician, perhaps one of the best bassists I’ve met and also is re cute!!

  19. Eduardo Garcia says:

    Hi, I ‘ve got the album, it’s amazing! if you don’t see the photograph at the portrait, you can say “is it the Stuart Hamm’s album” but not, it’s Yakko’s album. Besides, it’s a great guy, bass loving, and willing to talk to who comes close.I hope he can record more albums, a pleasure for our ears…..keep walking!

  20. florencia yakko says:

    I think it’s an excellent album, I really love it, has a amazing combination, I love it.

  21. nando bersanti says:

    Marcelo is an awesome bassist and Pulse is a super disc

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