Bassically speaking: Mal Williams

My bass style is eclectic, while attempting to keep the style true to the genre of music. I don’t play five- or six-string bass – I sold my SR 506 Ibanez as there wasn’t much call for the extra range in my current band’s music. I may look at getting myself either a five- or six- string Bongo in the near future however, as they feel and play great. I have never been able to slap, or – more to the point – I have never actually given the art of slapping the respect it deserves. I’m looking into it more seriously now as I’ve got into finger tapping: being able to couple that technique with slapping is akin to salt and pepper.


mal williamsI have loved every bass I have owned. My current love is a EBMM Big Al, but I was also very fond of my old Aria Laser Heritage, which went to a good home with a good buyback clause. There are so many great players out there, old and new, but growing up it was the likes of Cliff Burton, Bootsy Collins, Flea, Geezer Butler, Paul McCartney and James Jamerson. Now I’m getting into John Myung’s work with Dream Theater, and also Esperanza Spalding, the coolest female bass player out there.

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