Bassically speaking: Jo Collis

I try to play correctly, but sometimes by the sheer force of physical limitations, I have to cheat a bit… If it sounds and feels right though, I’m not too bothered. The secret of playing bass well is knowing where you fit in with everything else that is going on around you. It sounds obvious, but it’s so important to listen to what everyone else is doing and know when it’s your job to complement that, or to make your part a focal point.

101_my first tooth

My first bass was a blue Crafter Cruiser. I still play it – it’s as light as a feather and a bit battered these days, but I’m very fond of it and it still sounds pretty decent. My favourite bass ever to date is my current Fender Jazz Highway 1 and I absolutely love it. The BadAss 2 bridge makes it really versatile, and it’s lovely to play. My bass heroes are Fumi from Polysics, Melissa Auf der Maur, Lou Barlow and Mike Watt. The greatest bass player that ever lived was James Jamerson. For obvious reasons. Without wanting to make a sweeping generalisation, I will make one anyway and say he probably influenced the way pop music sounds today more than most realise.

Bass Fender Jazz Highway 1

Effects Ashton Tube Amp Simulator guitar pedal

Amps Ashdown Mag 300 head, 4×10” cab

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