Bassically speaking: Günter Auschrat

I aim to put big, hairy balls onto the sound of our guitar players – just kidding. I nail a solid rock groove using a pick. Sometimes I throw in some pentatonic lines if the situation needs it, but mostly I tend to find less is more. I do not play five- or six- string bass. I’m a born four-string, die four-string kind of player. I like to put some solid grooves together with Chris Weiß on the drums, because nobody needs another lead guitarist.

03_the new black gunter auschratTo be a good player you just have to be in time, and be a nice guy. My first bass was a Fender Squier Jazz, the early, rare Japan model. My favourite bass is the new one being made for me as we speak. The great guys from Sandberg are currently building a custom shop model: a very nice – and very black – California VS with block inlays, I can’t wait to get it. My bass heroes are my good friend Jürgen Steinmetz of Rock Ignition, David Ellefson of course, Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, Larry Graham and TM Stevens.

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