Bassically speaking – Espen Lien

I would describe my bass style as tight and hard, good old pumping bass, and very firm and hard on the pick with a lot of action on the wrist. Whoa – that sounds very… uh, aggressive is the word. I do not play five- or six-string bass. No offence, you guys out there in bassland, but six-string basses look a bit silly, and me using a pick while playing makes it very difficult to use as well. I am very conservative here, sorry. I still don’t know how you guys out there manage to play those things – respect. I do not slap. The only thing I slap is my wife’s ass, apart from occasional fooling around during soundchecks, slapping the bass for the hell of it.

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The secret of playing bass well? I know it’s a cliché, but it all comes down to rehearsing. The hours you spend practising while you are young will stick to you forever. Try to stay sober when you play live: there is always time to drink beer later, and last but not least, get a proper warm-up before you go on stage. Play loud and play proud. My first bass had a crap sound and was made of plywood. I later removed the frets because I saw Sting with a fretless bass and I could not afford one myself. I regretted it two minutes later. Stupid. If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose the first Van Halen album. Michael Anthony rocks. Also The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden.

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