Bassically speaking: Doris Yeh

I would describe my bass style as the spiral arms of the Andromeda galaxy. I’m playing five-string bass because our tunes on the two latest Chthonic albums are getting much lower. The only problem is that it’s heavier for me to hold when I’m wearing high heels on stage. Other than that, this five-string bass is perfect. The secret of playing bass well is thinking that you’re playing music, not just an instrument.

chthonicMy first bass was a four-string Steinberger headless, borrowed from my Dad. He was a bass player for a TV station from before I was born until I graduated from university. He collected a lot of basses at home, and I’ve always felt very close to this particular instrument; It means a lot to me. The greatest bass player that ever lived is Robert Trujillo. If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time.

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