Bassically speaking: Dave Anderson

So far I have been able to achieve everything I want with a four string bass, and just don’t see the point of using a five- or six-string for the sake of it, or to look cool. If there ever comes a time when I think it will add something to our music or let me get across something that I’m struggling to with the four, then yes I would be open to it. But I’m for keeping it simple and to be honest, it’s all about our music and I just don’t think our songs need it. For me it’s about balance. Listening to the music and giving it just what the song needs. Sometimes you need to keep it simple and sometimes you need to elaborate a bit more, but never play anything just for the sake of it.


Open your ears and listen. A good bass player needs to be a team player. You need to interact with your band-mates and listen to their different styles. I’ve played in different bands and my role is always slightly different. I never just turn up and do my own thing. My first bass was an Aria Pro II. I forget the model but it was a natural finish, thru neck, solid thing and actually, come to think of it, was a very nice bass. I was 15 at the time and had been singing in our first ever band, but had learned to play my mate’s right-handed bass upside down on the odd occasion that he couldn’t make rehearsals. That was it really, I fell in love with bass from that moment.

Bass Fender Precision
Effects  Boss overdrive, chorus and flanger, Dunlop Bass Crybaby
Amps Ampeg SVT3 Pro head, Ampeg 8×10” Classic Series cab

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