Bassically speaking: Chris Kael, Five Finger Death Punch

My bass style is song-oriented. No matter the amount of shredding I have in the ol’ toolbox, the song is always the focus. I’ll play whatever it is to make the song as strong as it can possibly be. It’s not about trying to make a song good. Rather, I always ask, ‘How can I do my part to make this song great?’ I grew up playing a four-string. When I was learning all of the old Cliff Burton stuff, there were no five- or six-string basses. If Cliff only used four strings, by God, that’s all I need. I’m a pick-using, downstroke-at-every-opportunity kinda guy.


The secret of playing bass well is that the bass ain’t gonna practise itself. If you want to learn, take the time to do so. Learn songs you like. Buy magazines with tablature to get yourself started. Now, there are tons of online tutorials and Youtube channels available to make you get better even faster, but you’ve got to put in the work. My first bass was an Ibanez Rickenbacker copy. My favourite bass ever to date is my Modulus Q4. It was my first real expensive bass, so it holds a lot of sentimental value. I’m working with Spector on a signature model based on the tones I get from that Modulus. Hoping to have it out in time for NAMM next year! My bass heroes are Cliff Burton, Ian Hill, Steve Harris and the kid practising in his room right now every single day to become the best bassist he can be. The greatest bass player that ever lived was Cliff Burton. Period. Which is actually why I play using a pick. Cliff mastered finger playing in metal. What more could I offer? Thus, my picking up a pick.

Basses Spector Rex 4 (though my signature model is due out early next year through Spector)

Effects Tech 21 NYC Sansamp

Amps Mesa Boogie Big Block 750s, Mesa Boogie 8×10” Powerhouse cabs

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