Bassically speaking: Ashley Purdy

I’m something of the rhythm guitarist; we have two lead guitarists in the band playing dual harmonies, so I fill in the rhythm part as well. I don’t play anything more than a four-string bass because it’s not warranted in our style of rock’n’roll. Low- slung bass with attitude and swagger is what was always cool to me. It’s all in the pick and the right hand, creating groove and rhythm.

black veil bridesMy favourite bass to date is my Dean Cadillac Outlaw. It’s my signature series bass that I designed and tailored specifically for my playing. My bass heroes are Nikki Sixx, Gene Simmons and Jerry Only, and the greatest bass player that ever lived was Sid Vicious. I used to smash a bass at the end of every show. When we did the Warped Tour in 2011, I smashed one through their stage, putting a hole in it that I had to buy for $2000. I made the stage into a table and have it in my home.

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