Bassiaclly speaking: George Giourgis, Entropy

entropyI would describe my bass style as loud and aggressive. I play a five-string because it’s near impossible to play our songs with four. I do not slap because I leave that to guys who can make it sound good. My first bass was a 1992 five-string Ibanez. My favourite bass to date is my current 2004 five-string SDGR. My bass heroes are Steve Harris, Lemmy and Les Claypool. The greatest bass player that ever lived is Geddy Lee. If I could get the bass tone of any album ever release, I would choose Motörhead’s Iron Fist. We’re currently booking shows and promoting our latest album E3. I was able to get the tone I wanted and record in eight hours. The feel and vibe of the band is all about working together to put out the heaviest material we can conjure up, but to still maintain that old school sound.

Basses Ibanez SR505
Effects Boss noise suppressor, analogue delay
Amp Marshall 30th Anniversary guitar head, Ampeg 8×10” cab

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