Gear review: Howling Wolf Slapkat 600


David Etheridge discovers a hand-built amp and cab from Slapkat which take a drastically new approach to bass sound

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Gear: Fusion Urban gig bag


Fusion’s Urban bass gig bag hits the test bench

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Sunn Coliseum

Sunn Coliseum001

Chris Hanby recalls the dawn of the Sunn Coliseum in 1970.

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Gear review: DB Bass Embee and Elbee Cabinets range

Stuart Clayton road-tests DB’s new cabs. Turn it up, that man!

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Hartke HD25 And HD50 Combos


Dave Clarke has a heart to Hartke with a new range of highly portable combos. Rightly or wrongly, combos falling into the category of ‘practice amps’ tend to be used in small rehearsal spaces, intimate live settings for acoustic gigs

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Fender Jazz Custom Shop 1964 ‘New Old Stock’


The most popular, most copied bass in the world: why change a winning formula, says Mike Brooks. What is there to say about the Fender Jazz that hasn’t been uttered thousands of times before? It’s one of the most successful

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Ashdown AAA Vintage 12, MAG C112-220 Combos

C112-220 combo01

Kev Sanders road-tests two new budget combos from Ashdown. Will they emerge unscathed?

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F Bass BN5


At close to three grand, this five-string ought to be pretty F-ing special. Joel McIver gets to grips with this classy Canadian…

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Warwick LWA 1000

408 cab (1)02

Loud, lightweight and liftable, Warwick’s new LWA 1000 head and cabs land on Chris Hanby’s doorstep for a road test…

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Anaconda Tribute J4E Elite, Crusher CXE6 Elite

Anaconda Crusher CXE6 - Elite

There’s a new, serpentine bass-maker on the block. Does this snake rattle, asks Mike Brooks.

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