Carvin MB10, MB15 & MB210 Micro Bass Combos


Low-cost bass combos with healthy power ratings and small dimensions? Sounds like a good deal for the player looking for a portable set-up… Mike Brooks lines them up Powerful, transportable combos are always in demand, and with fuel costs and

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Fender Rumble 100 and 500


Duff Battye puts two of Fender’s new Rumble combo series to the test. Will they make the earth move for him? The 2014 NAMM trade show in California saw guitar and amp giant Fender launch their Rumble series of bass

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RIKKERS 30th Anniversary Hollowline


Got a spare four grand? If so, this slab of delicious Dutch-ness may be for you, declares Joel McIver When the courier delivered this bass to BGM’s command bunker, we wondered why Rikkers had sent it in a massive flight

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Ibanez SRI200E Premier


Ibanez has a new Premium range of basses. Mike Brooks finds out if ‘Premium’ means Waitrose or Aldi…

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Carvin SB5000F


Mike Hine gets his slap on with this five-string 5000

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G&L SB-2 Tribute


A conventional looking package from G&L… but does it deliver the goods in a manner worthy of the name, asks Mike Brooks

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Essential gear: Ampeg Portaflec B-15N


Follow Chris Hanby on Twitter @CHanbyEFX

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Big Wreck – Albatross


Scott Grady reviews Big Wreck’s new album

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Why we love…

DSC 3961-landscape-bench

Tommy Shannon

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Revolver: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane


Every month we tell you the bass-line we can’t stop listening to

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