Larry Graham returns to the Jazz Café


Larry Graham & Graham Central Station will be performing at the Jazz Café on 1-2 July 2015.

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Interview: Brendan Grieve, Sam Smith

My bass style changes all the time. I try to adapt to different genres. I play a five-string bass because I think it’s important to have the option of going to a lower octave when needed, especially when playing pop

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Interview: Michael ‘Smoove’ Hamilton, Jessie J

I play a five-string bass so that the low end growl is readily accessible. I detune my bass down a step to A-D-G-C-F. Understand that you are the backbone of the band. I’m a firm believer that the bass brings

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NAMM voting time!

The 2016 TEC Nominating Panel is currently accepting product and studio design project entries for the 31st Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards (TEC Awards). Click the appropriate link below to access the form and enter the products or

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Interview: Barend Courbois, Blind Guardian

Pic: Florentijn I slap since I saw Larry Graham for the first time on the BBC Rock School TV programme back in 1980. Be the glue between the guitar player (or whatever solo instrument applies) and the drums: study drum

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Interview: Russ Meehan, Crisis

I love bass. Simple as that. I’ve been a lead singer since I was 14, but I was a bass player even before that. I have a very wide taste in music, everything from Talking Heads and Sly & Robbie,

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Interview: Jonas Renkse, Bloodbath

Pic: Ester Segarra I play five-string bass to be able to maintain tone and clarity even in the deepest, downtuned audial crypts. I do not slap because it does not fit well in death metal. My bass heroes? In metal

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Epiphone news

Throughout June 2015, Epiphone is celebrating the 100th birthday of longtime mentor Les Paul. Buy any Epiphone Les Paul guitar or bass for $299 or more during the month of June and receive a free copy of The Epiphone Guitar

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La Bella Strings news

La Bella Strings are introducing a new Vapor Shield Treated range, adopting a technology superior to typical coated strings, they tell us. Apparently they are like no other string on the market because the surface of the string is modified during

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Interview: Yoyo Röhm, Carl Carlton

Interview: Jo Wilms I would describe my bass style as eclectic, fueled by a variety of very different sources. I do not play five- or six-string bass, because four-strings were fine for hundreds of years, so why change something that’s

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