James Shore of Oubliettes gets onto the low frequency

I get so much more enjoyment when playing in a band situation and bouncing off other musicians that it has developed my style into one that is solid and supportive with little variations to keep it interesting. My style has

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Ben Martin of Ventenner talks bass

I use distortion and other effects to create an adaptable spectrum of tones to fit the light and shade sections within our songs. I play a four-string Fender Jazz: it’s the one I’ve gigged with for years and I feel

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James Lascu of Wilson on the bass end

Pic: Anthony Norkus I’m strictly a finger player. I basically try to blast my strings as hard as possible while still maintaining precision and timing. With Wilson, I strictly play four-string basses live. I’m not opposed to using multi-string basses

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Joe Hubbard talks bass

I’m an improvising bassist. Improvisation is a concept of creating musical lines based on understanding the components of music which includes melody, harmony, rhythm, counterpoint and form. When learning you need to break down all of these components in isolation

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Andy Pullin of Voodoo Sheiks supplies bass advice

I’m always striving to be in the pocket, while aiming to be as creative and ‘moving’ as I can be, and avoiding over-indulgence. I’m partial to some thumping and popping. I’m working at the moment on developing the mad Victor

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Dan Kenny of Suicide Silence on the low notes

I have been playing five-string basses for so long now that four- and six-string basses feel uncomfortable now. I am a big fan of five-strings, especially for heavy music. I also play a five because it just goes perfectly well

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Joe Principe of Rise Against on the bass life

I try to have the intensity of Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains) and the melodic sensibility of Karl Alvarez (Descendents) and I like to keep it simple. I play four-string basses but tune to Eb. I do not slap. It’s never

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Keith Farrell of the Cathy Davey band on the low end

I would describe my bass style as eclectic, adaptable, modern, groove-based, melodic and versatile. I do not play six-string basses because they almost never sound good in the upper register. They are often abused by players who might otherwise sound

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Kelly Southern of Johnny Foreigner talks bass

The first bass I owned that actually saw a stage was a green Fender Squier P-Bass with Smash Hits stickers of Macaulay Culkin and Blossom over it. It played okay, and lived long enough to play some Johnny Foreigner shows,

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Rockschool launch new iPad App for Bassists

Rockschool, the world’s leading rock and pop music exam board, has just launched its exam pieces on a new iPad app – changing the way music education is delivered in the UK. For the first time, bass guitar teachers can

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