Kaveh Rastegar of Kneebody talks bass

I don’t play a six-string bass because I love the bass. I love where it sits in the mix and I already play guitar/baritone guitar. I love slapping. Why wouldn’t you like slapping? Have you ever heard ‘Hair’ by Graham

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Nick Latham analyses bass melody

When I’m writing songs I tend to like playing root notes and adding melodies over the top.I have two five-string basses; one strung B-G and one E-C. I like the powerful low notes of the B string, and I like

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Simone Masina of Muppets steps up

I like to play in the deep end, in an unrelenting counterpoint with the vocals, probably because of my classical music background. I usually play five-string bass, because I really love the powerful sound of the B string. The secret

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Andy Warr of Iron Tongue on his bass style

I try to play to suit the band I am playing with at the moment, but most of the folks that I play with say that it sounds like I am using my fingers, but I actually use a pick.

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BGM’s first ever cover…

…from 2002! Hands up if you’ve got this one?

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Dave ‘The Eagle’ Spurr of The Fall talks bass

I would describe my bass style as really irritating if you’re a Fall fan! I play a Fender Jazz, wear it really high and play with my fingers. Typically I should play a Precision, wear it low and play with

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Bassist needed!

Bass Player Required for Signed Rock Band Based in the North West of England Must be available to tour & rehearse Backing vocals preferred but not essential Contact Paul on: 07957124986 or email:

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Anthony Wellington masterclass in NYC

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Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch talks bass

My bass style is song-oriented. No matter the amount of shredding I have in the ol’ toolbox, the song is always the focus. I’ll play whatever it is to make the song as strong as it can possibly be. It’s

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Volker Krawczak of the Axel Rudi Pell Band talks bass

I would describe my bass style as a chargrilled fillet steak with BBQ sauce, fries and a beer. Simple, true and most of the time the best choice, but maybe not best for the waistline! I try find the balance

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