New Tesseract bass run-through

Check out Amos Williams of Tesseract as he runs through new song ‘Messenger’. Slapalicious! – Tab: – Pdf: Tesseract’s new album Polaris is out on 18 September on KScope.

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Rotosound’s Summer Blockbuster: Thousands Of Chances To Win!

Rotosound are delighted to announce their summer blockbuster; they are producing special packs of guitar and bass strings giving customers THOUSANDS OF PRIZES and giveaways worth over £10,000! Customers who buy promotional packs at a participating UK stores are also

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Interview: Rob Giles, Circa Zero

I do not play five- or six-string bass, because I can’t count that high and my tuner only has E, A, D and G on it. I slap only in emergencies. The secret of playing bass well? If I told

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Interview: Richard Gully, Pylo

I would describe my bass style as sub par. No really, I would say laid-back and subtle. Growing up, my bass style was heavily influenced by punk rock and ska bands, which I still draw influence from today. Overall, though,

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Interview: Will Bottomley, Marmozets

I have a pretty punchy, hard-hitting kind of style, but with control over the complex riffage we do. An extended range bass isn’t really necessary for my style and our sound, because we tune to drop C and D standard

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Orange Amplification sign John McVie of Fleetwood Mac

Orange Amplification have announced that Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie has become their latest endorsing artist, or ‘Ambassador’ as the company calls the role. ‘The guys at Orange have really put together a great amp system for me,’ said the

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Interview: Simon Goulding, Snake Davis Band

I would describe my bass style as supportive and musical. Adapting to every musical situation you are required to play is so important. I really do like the different colour you can get from an extended range bass. Plus positional

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Ronnie Scott’s announce music instrument amnesty

Ronnie Scott’s launches its first Music Instrument Amnesty, giving new life to unused or unwanted instruments by donating them to young aspiring musicians both in the UK and abroad. On Saturday 11 July, Ronnie Scott’s will be holding a Music

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Interview: Fito Garcia, Afro-Cuban Bass Ensemble

I play a six-string bass, because it allows me to express myself further. I have all the low notes I need to lay down the groove, but I can also introduce chords and high melodies if the song allows it.

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Larry Graham returns to the Jazz Café

Larry Graham & Graham Central Station will be performing at the Jazz Café on 1-2 July 2015.

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