Jaime David Vazquez of JDV talks bass

I would describe my bass style as versatile, passionate, adventurous, dynamic, full of energy, in your face, enthusiastic, innovative, influenced by other instruments and keeping in mind the concept of the overall bass playing with no limits. I love my

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Tony Visconti returns to bass

Legendary David Bowie bandmates, producer/bass player Tony Visconti and drummer Woody Woodmansey, are performing together for the first time since 1971. Fronting the band is Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17 and on saxophone and guitars is Spandau Ballet’s Steve Norman.

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Anthony Wright of Castrovalva looks at the low end

I would describe my bass style as filthy, very dirty, usually simple lines with low dirty grooves. I play pretty hard and use quite a lot of pitch-based effects as I have a lot of space to fill in our

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Marlon Lopez Holden of Hot Ice steps up

I’m eclectic. I’ll put a bass-line down to the clatter of a forklift truck if you like. I don’t have a five- or six-string bass but I love that low B and increased solo and chord possibilities of a high

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Chris Towning of Devildriver raises the bass horns

My bass style is consistent and straightforward. The secret of playing bass well is KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. You’re there to hold it down with the drummer, not complete with the lead guitarist. Know your place in the

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Scott Wiber of Saint Jude chats about life at the bass end

My two main things that I do are with Saint Jude and with their guitarist Marcus Bonfanti, who has a new album called Shake The Walls out, but I do record and tour with other acts too, such as Todd

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Rick Barrio Dill of Vintage Trouble talks bass

In Vintage Trouble, I love the simplicity of where we collectively come from. We lean back towards a time in music in the 1950s and early 1960s where the equipment was still fairly basic and the songwriting and the passion

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Bill Clements steps up!

  Pic credit: Matt Dolinar Lately I’ve refined my style in terms of tone, making sure each note has more presence, hang out in the room better, tweaking my gear to see what effects I can get by using different

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Derek Boyer of Suffocation reveals a new approach to bass

I take a very different approach to death metal bass playing than most of the players around me. I’m a finger player, and I’m not just there to fill in the bottom of a mix or play guitar on a

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George Giourgis of metallers Entropy on bass life

I would describe my bass style as loud and aggressive. I play a five-string because it’s near impossible to play our songs with four. I do not slap because I leave that to guys who can make it sound good.

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