Tom Hemingway of Pusher checks in

In my opinion, without the bass there isn’t a song. Feed off the drummer: if you try to go off on your own and not pay attention to what he/she is doing, what you’re playing won’t make sense or add

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Eric J. Morgan of A Pale Horse Named Death brings the doom

The secret of playing bass well is listening to the song and the drummer. Play to the song. I think every bassist should know, or have an idea of how to play drums and lock up with them. Be there

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Bonnie Buitrago of Nashville Pussy on the bass end

  Pic: Kelly Hayden My bass style is big’n’bouncy rolling riffage, driven by downstroke punk rock rhythms. I don’t use a five-string ever! You can make your four-string bass sound totally badass by tuning down and upping your string gauge.

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Alex Örn of The Vintage Caravan steps up

Being in a band which is I guess rightly labeled as retro rock, it’s kind of expected of you to play in an old school way. But in a way my style is very modern. I play very hard, partly

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Domenic Seita of A Storm Of Light checks in

My bass style is slow and steady. Fast and forgiving. Bold and boring. Moving and moist. I wouldn’t know what to do with more than four strings. If anything, I was thinking about taking one or two away from my

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‘Left Hand’ Graham of the Doyle Band gets pointy

I do not play five- or six-string bass, because my caveman brain cannot fathom it. I do not slap, because I can’t stand the sound of it! The secret of playing bass well is learning to really listen to the

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Duffy Snowhill of Bigelf speaks out

I do not play five- or six-string bass. The joke in Finland is that the two extra strings are just to use as a strap. Bass players are too stupid to play more than four strings. I used to have

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Byron Luiters of the John Butler Trio says hello

The secret of playing bass well, for me, it not caring: forgetting what you’ve learned and playing in the moment. My first bass was a Yamaha RBX four-string; my favourite bass ever to date is my 1971 Fender Precision. My

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Mo Foster lays it down

An action shot of the great man at the London Bass Guitar Show 2014, courtesy of Jonathan Stewart and the Musicians’ Union. Info:

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Ben Clarke of LTNT says hi

I would describe my bass style as heavy, fuzzy and understated whilst trying to keep it interesting. Like a gargantuan wildebeest, subtly galloping along four parallel tightropes. In my mind, the secret of playing bass well is to be super

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