Interview: Jason Raso, Jason Raso Quartet

I like to think that my playing strikes a balance between rhythm, melody, technique and musicality. After years of playing four-string I recently switched to a six-string. It’s been a real challenge but a lot of fun. It’s not my

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Interview: Chris Gramazio

I never really learned a lot of covers, but I listened to a lot of players. I’d like to think that because of that, and perhaps through some form of bass-osmosis, I was able to develop my own style, a

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Interview: Mark Lamb, Acid King/Fought Upon Earth

I would describe my bass style as a mix of 60s and 70s rock, soul and jazz with lots of distortion. I do not slap, because if you can’t do it as well as Larry Graham, why bother? Know your

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Interview: Urlo, Ufomammut

Pic: Andrea Tomas Prato My bass style is an earthquake of ignorance. I like to make things as simple as possible and filter the riffs through tons of distortion. The secret of playing bass well is relative. What is playing

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Jeff Berlin needs YOU!

The mighty Jeff Berlin has launched a Pledge Music campaign for the funding of a new tribute album to the late Jack Bruce titled Jeff Berlin Plays Jack Bruce: Songs For A Wailer. Jeff, a personal friend of Jack’s, says:

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Interview: Syan Barlow, Tribazik

“I really enjoy watching Les Claypool. So intricate but gnarly plus groovy to boot. A great example of how his sound and technique mirrors his whole surreal aesthetic”

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New Tesseract bass run-through

Check out Amos Williams of Tesseract as he runs through new song ‘Messenger’. Slapalicious! – Tab: – Pdf: Tesseract’s new album Polaris is out on 18 September on KScope.

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Rotosound’s Summer Blockbuster: Thousands Of Chances To Win!

Rotosound are delighted to announce their summer blockbuster; they are producing special packs of guitar and bass strings giving customers THOUSANDS OF PRIZES and giveaways worth over £10,000! Customers who buy promotional packs at a participating UK stores are also

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Interview: Rob Giles, Circa Zero

I do not play five- or six-string bass, because I can’t count that high and my tuner only has E, A, D and G on it. I slap only in emergencies. The secret of playing bass well? If I told

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Interview: Richard Gully, Pylo

I would describe my bass style as sub par. No really, I would say laid-back and subtle. Growing up, my bass style was heavily influenced by punk rock and ska bands, which I still draw influence from today. Overall, though,

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