Interview: Gustavo Aued, Powerman 5000

Pic: Bruno O’Hara I’m very aggressive on stage, which I guess comes through my bass playing but always keeping in mind enhancing the band’s sound. I play five-string Warwick basses, because of the lower range and the filling up of

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Head to Seattle for the ultimate bass-off!

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Interview: Mark Hamon, Kitten Pyramid

I played a five-string Yamaha for many years and also own a seven-string fretless, but I found that my four-string Jazz is all I ever pick up and play. It has all the versatility and tone I need. I feel

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The WimBash returns!

A message from bass legend Doug Wimbish! “I would love for you to join us this Friday, April 10 at the Ramsgate Music Hall, UK for WimBash>>Ramsgate 2015. Joining me on stage will be Adrian Sherwood, Skip McDonald, Mark Stewart, Jennie

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Interview: Adam Woloszyn of Nonpoint

I would describe my bass style as very rhythmic. I like to accent the drum pattern of the song. I often use octaves, either low or high, so I can still hit the root notes of the guitar riff but

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Etienne Mbappe plays Ronnie Scott’s, 15 April

RONNIE SCOTT’S 47 Frith Street, Soho, W1 Oz Noy (guitars), Etienne Mbappe (bass), Gary Novak (drums) “It’s Jazz. It just doesn’t sound like it.” This is how virtuoso guitarist Oz Noy describes his intoxicating blend of jazz, funk, rock, blues,

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Interview: Dirk Schlächter of Gamma Ray

I would describe my bass style as outstanding, amazing, incredibly innovating: the best style ever heard. Just kidding, but I would say that I’m very flexible in my bass style. I play with fingers, I play with a pick, I

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Interview: Pat Seals of Flyleaf

Pic: Travis Shinn I would describe my bass style as… simian? Keith from Buckcherry once told me I played bass like the Samsonite gorilla from the old TV adverts. I’ve always had fun messing around with five- and six-string basses,

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Jared Sturgis of Chrysalis talks bass

I play a five-string bass because I can express myself more. With five strings, a wider array of note combinations are more easily accessible. I slap because it adds flavour to the music. It’s always been one of my favourite

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Colin Fennelly of Kerbdog on the bass zone

I use a Fender Precision through a Marshall valve head and Ampeg 8×10 cabs. I used to have a great Ampeg SVTII valve head which served me well for many years. It weighed a tonne! It sadly passed away last

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