Framus & Warwick Bass Camp and Open Day 2014 Review

Warwick Bass Camp 2014, presented by Gitarre & Bass, took place from 1st to 5th of September in Markneukirchen and had been fully booked since last November 2013. 81 participants from 17 nations attended and were divided into five workshop

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Josh Cana of The Gentlemen has the bass down

My style, I would say, is a blend of funky groovy vibes and driving rock. The band I’m in warrants both styles, which is great because it keeps me fresh and on my toes. I also play five-string basses because

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Spill Sixteen bassist Indy steps up

I would describe my bass style as solid and laid-back. I did once have a review that said I provided ‘bass with balls’ – which was different! I always try and improve the song. I knit together and emphasise different

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Jonathan Boulay of Mortor on bass life

I play a five-string bass because Mortor is tuned to B, so I need the extra string to match the guitar. I slap because it adds a different flavour to the way I play bass: you wouldn’t compose a riff

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Sean Clothier of Her Parents steps up

I would describe my bass style as trying really hard to play the right notes and making sure I don’t break any strings until the last song in the set. To be honest, I could get away with a one-

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Bobby Ferkovich of Presto Ballet and Powertrain talks bass

I grew up on bands like Iron Maiden, Rush, and Megadeth, with excellent songwriting and great bass players who could fly and knew their way around the fretboard. I mostly play four-strings, as I don’t like the reduced string tension

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Brad Russell lays it down!

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Wayward Basses extravaganza in November!

This November sees The Islington play host to a magical night of bass, but not as we know it… The evening will feature Twinscapes – Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati’s duo that wowed audiences at the London Bass Guitar Show

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Metallica meets Jaco Pastorius!

New issue out now!

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The Tall English Sun, New Neo-Psychedelic Pop album by Jason How

Available now, The Tall English Sun, is a stunning neo-psychedelic influenced debut album from Jason How, the CEO and Managing Director of the world famous Rotosound Strings. Drawing heavily on the musical influences he has been surrounded by all his

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