Rockschool launch new iPad App for Bassists

Rockschool, the world’s leading rock and pop music exam board, has just launched its exam pieces on a new iPad app – changing the way music education is delivered in the UK. For the first time, bass guitar teachers can

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Chris Charlesworth remembers John Entwistle

Remember our cover story from back in 2012, a decade after we lost the great John Entwistle? Please read this appreciation from John’s friend and journalist Chris Charlesworth and share it on social media. Thanks!  

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Willie Paredes of Activator discusses all things bass

My bass style is just blues-based punk with some hip-hop thrown in for good measure. The first band I ever played in, Natural Selection, was a hip-hop act with live bass and drums where we were basically holding down these

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Rob Reed on bass style

I mostly play with a plectrum because I like the accurate sound it produces. It also has more bite for harder music, and makes it easier to place in the mix. I play a four-string bass, I’m not so sure

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Ahren Stringer of The Amity Affliction considers bass options

I’m really not a very technical bass player, I don’t even really have a style! I really just put the thing on and go for it. I do not play five- or six-string bass, because I’m not Les Claypool. The

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Krishna Jhaveri of Skyharbor on bass with a technical edge

I would describe my bass style as raunchy fat beef. I play a lot with a plectrum, with aggressive picking and right-hand guitar techniques. I play five-string bass. The low B or A, depending on the song, is crucial. With

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BBC Radio 4 on slap bass!

What: Spank the Plank – A Radio 4 documentary on Slap bass. When: November 6 11.30am It’s produced in Salford by Audio and Music North RADIO 4 isn’t just broadcasting a documentary on bass guitar – it’s commissioned one specifically

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Rex Horan of the Neil Cowley Trio on life at the low end

  I play the double bass, and I try to be solid, supportive, inventive and imaginative. I try to keep breathing, and I try to smile. I hope the music I make causes others to smile too, and that they

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Bass maestro Brad Russell plays ace bass

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Alex Kirk of Go Native on bass tones

If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose Talk Talk’s Spirit Of Eden or Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. I had the privilege of playing a few shows on Peter Hook & The Light’s

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