ATS amps clarification

Sincere apologies to Bass Gear of Twyford ( in our new issue, we erroneously credited fellow bass store Bass Direct as the distributors of the Italian ATS amp range. The member of staff responsible has been forced to boil all

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Tim King of Soil chats bass

I’m not a flashy player. I like to keep it solid and add fills and walking bass-lines where appropriate. I’m most comfortable on a four-string. I always figured that you can do just as much on a four-string as you

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Micky Waters of The Answer talks the low end

I like to dig in. I play an aggressive, physical style, but I like to keep it dynamic too. We jam a lot in our set, and our jams are unpredictable at times, so I need to find new places

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Joe Ginsberg of Chuck Ragan and The Camaraderie talks bass

  [pic: Elena Vilain] I try to fit into the pocket and stay out of the way, but I’m constantly listening to the melody and attempt to support it rhythmically and harmonically. My goal is to feel the melody in

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Bass talk with Lorenzo Feliciati of Twinscapes

I try to do my best to create bass-lines that are useful for the music and not for my ego: usually groovy doesn’t mean super-busy. When I play songs from my solo albums I can play a lot of notes

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Shaun Avants of Scorpion Child talks bass

There’s definitely the fast, aggressive, testosterone-driven style that inevitably comes with playing rock and roll, but I really try and express the sexuality and groove that gives the music feeling. It’s relatively easy to just punch note after note, but

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Gary ‘Biscuit’ Bennett’s new BGM column…

I would like to wish you all a very warm welcome to my new column, Biscuit’s Bass Business, where I will be covering topics that will assist those of you wishing to become a professional bass player. In my first

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Andrea Fascetti of the Andrea Fascetti Quartet talks 7 strings

I play a seven-string bass. I love bass solos and I think that my style needs some extra notes over the fingerboard. I have maximum respect for slap players and I’m able to do slap, but I rarely use it

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Meet Lee Sklar!

Check it out…

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Jaime David Vazquez of JDV talks bass

I would describe my bass style as versatile, passionate, adventurous, dynamic, full of energy, in your face, enthusiastic, innovative, influenced by other instruments and keeping in mind the concept of the overall bass playing with no limits. I love my

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