Hats off to Cliff

It’s 30 years this week since the release of Metallica’s second album, Ride The Lightning. Check out Cliff Burton’s isolated bass track, with its classical beginning, super-fat tone and amazing fingerstyle tremolo picking:

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Steve Hanley of The Fall writes a book!

…and we’re interviewing him about it in a while. In the meantime, get one here:

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Paul Haynes talks bass life

My bass style is lead electric bass guitar. I feel that, just like a saxophone or a trumpet, the bass guitar can also play the lead role in a band. I slap, because it is a part of the bass

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Andrew Burton of Toranaga talks Ricky style

My bass style is straightforward, driving the song and heavy. I do not play five-string bass, as there has never been a need in what we play and four strings are more than enough for my fat clumsy fingers. I

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Bernhard Lackner on bass

Coming from Austria, I had the chance to grow up listening to styles such as baroque and classical music and, as I developed further in my playing, I was introduced to bands like Chick Corea Electric Band, Pat Metheny and

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Chris Malin on bass matters

I love to complement the vocal melody and drums at the same time. I like to be heard and not be buried in the mix. I currently play a six-string fretless with no fretmarkers on it. I threw myself in

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Rotosound Announce String Change Clinics

Rotosound is pleased to announce a series of free of charge ‘String Change’ Clinics where bass player and Rotosound demonstrator Jim Houghton will be available to restring customer guitars and basses throughout the day. In demand bassist Jim Houghton is

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13 minutes of bass education

How many have you got at your fingertips?

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Annie Gardiner of Hysterical Injury on the bass life

I would describe my bass style as intuitive and groovy. I don’t play a five-string because I prefer four. I used to play a Rickenbacker five-string and preferred to record with it, because I loved how it sounded like the

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Win weekend tickets to Reading/Leeds festivals worth £400!

Pic: Tina Korhonen Watch out for Bass Guitar Magazine’s August issue, out 29 July, for a cover interview with Arctic Monkeys bassist Nick O’Malley — and the chance to snap up two weekend tickets for either Reading or Leeds. Here’s

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