Scott Wiber of Saint Jude chats about life at the bass end

My two main things that I do are with Saint Jude and with their guitarist Marcus Bonfanti, who has a new album called Shake The Walls out, but I do record and tour with other acts too, such as Todd

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Rick Barrio Dill of Vintage Trouble talks bass

In Vintage Trouble, I love the simplicity of where we collectively come from. We lean back towards a time in music in the 1950s and early 1960s where the equipment was still fairly basic and the songwriting and the passion

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Bill Clements steps up!

  Pic credit: Matt Dolinar Lately I’ve refined my style in terms of tone, making sure each note has more presence, hang out in the room better, tweaking my gear to see what effects I can get by using different

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Derek Boyer of Suffocation reveals a new approach to bass

I take a very different approach to death metal bass playing than most of the players around me. I’m a finger player, and I’m not just there to fill in the bottom of a mix or play guitar on a

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George Giourgis of metallers Entropy on bass life

I would describe my bass style as loud and aggressive. I play a five-string because it’s near impossible to play our songs with four. I do not slap because I leave that to guys who can make it sound good.

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Kaveh Rastegar of Kneebody talks bass

I don’t play a six-string bass because I love the bass. I love where it sits in the mix and I already play guitar/baritone guitar. I love slapping. Why wouldn’t you like slapping? Have you ever heard ‘Hair’ by Graham

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Nick Latham analyses bass melody

When I’m writing songs I tend to like playing root notes and adding melodies over the top.I have two five-string basses; one strung B-G and one E-C. I like the powerful low notes of the B string, and I like

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Simone Masina of Muppets steps up

I like to play in the deep end, in an unrelenting counterpoint with the vocals, probably because of my classical music background. I usually play five-string bass, because I really love the powerful sound of the B string. The secret

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Andy Warr of Iron Tongue on his bass style

I try to play to suit the band I am playing with at the moment, but most of the folks that I play with say that it sounds like I am using my fingers, but I actually use a pick.

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BGM’s first ever cover…

…from 2002! Hands up if you’ve got this one?

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