Steve Daymond of Pagan Harvest checks in

I would describe my bass style as driving and melodic, but gentle and tasteful as required. The secret of playing bass well is to listen to others around you, feed off each other and try and improve what’s there. Also

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Joel Hodge of The Tricks talks bass

I do not play five- or six-string bass, because I sing lead vocals as well as play the bass. There is so much more to master on the four-string and creatively combine with my vocals. There may be a time

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A touch of (truthful) humour about band life…  

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Kyle Shimek of American Fangs talks bass

I would describe my bass style as Krist Novoselic attitude, low-end insight, plus cautious destruction. I’m actually a drummer, so bass comes naturally. I’ve always been drawn to the bass, though. Bass is its own living, breathing instrument. You have

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Chris Clemence of RapScallions checks in

I’m a rock bassist who listened to way too much George Clinton growing up. I love the grit of punk and hard rock, as well as the bounce and danceability of funk. I’ve always tried to marry the two styles

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Brendan Duff of Fissure says hi

I would describe my bass style as fast and noisy. I do not play five- or six-string bass, because if I wanted any more than four I would play guitar. If four strings are good enough for Steve Harris, then

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John Taylor of Duran Duran gives BGM some love!

BGM writer Dave Clarke has sent us a quick quote from his interview with John Taylor of Duran Duran at the London Bass Guitar Show… Dave: Does this feel like your longest promo tour ever? John: Even if I didn’t

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Stefano Selvatico of Savage Messiah checks in

My bass style is meaty and forceful. I always make sure that I keep the bottom end alive and find a way to cut through the guitars at the appropriate moment without overexaggerating. I play five-string bass, because of the

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Important announcement: Jack Bruce Masterclass cancelled

It is with great regret that we have to announce that, under doctor’s instruction, Jack Bruce will not be performing at this weekend’s London Bass Guitar Show. Everyone associated with the London Bass Guitar Show wishes Jack a speedy recovery.

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Brad Russell blows our minds again

Check out bass ninja Brad here!

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