Jon Sykes of The Pineapple Thief goes to the low notes

Pic: Crystal Spotlight I would describe my bass style as as solid as possible. I think that you just have to hold it down and enjoy doing that. If you can run about, sing, make good contact with the audience

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Listen to free Alberto Rigoni tracks online


“Into the BASS” is selection of songs from Italian bass player and composer Alberto Rigoni’s four studio albums (“Something Different”, “Rebirth”, “Three Wise Monkeys” and “Overloaded”). With a range of influences from Dream Theater, Rush, YES to artists such as

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Gabe Crisp of Whitechapel on the fine art of metal bass

I don’t play a five- or six-string bass any more, because I don’t need it and I love the feel of a four-string in my hands. As long as you have the right gauge strings, a four-string bass can get

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8-string bass ace!

Check out this walkthrough by Peat Rains of You Bred Raptors…

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Ben Green of Godflesh on bass

Pic: Diana Lynn Ring I would describe my bass style as heavy, downtuned and driving. Sometimes I play chords to give extra weight and depth. I like to have as big a physical impact on people’s bodies as I can.

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Steve McGrath of Billy Idol’s band gives us a rebel yell

Pic: Charles Jischke I started playing bass guitar in 1972. My first bass was a copy of a Hofner Beatle bass and I played it left-handed like Sir Paul McCartney, but had the strings strung ‘righty’. I grew up listening

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GHS launch new bass strings packaging

From GHS, 12 Feb 2015: The NitroPack from GHS Strings takes string packaging to new levels by combining the ultimate in airtight protection with an easy and convenient identification process. GHS are so confident that their strings will arrive with

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Hoya Roc of Madball at the low end

It’s all about that groove. It’s not about being heard as much as it has to do with being felt. I want the floor to drop out from under you if I stop playing. I’m the type of bass player

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Dan Abela of Voices on life at the low end

I try to always play something which complements the drums as well as guitars: I think too many players these days rest on their laurels and just follow the rhythm guitar line. Sometimes this is appropriate but having a drummer

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Bass guru Bryan Beller returns to the UK with Joe Satriani

Pic: Graham Hilling/Metal Rules Legendary guitarist and performer Joe Satriani returns to the UK in November for his 9-date “Shockwave Tour”. The tour starts at the Manchester O2 Apollo on Sunday November 1st. Tickets go on sale to the general

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