Interview: Charlotte Cooper, The Subways

My bass style is far from perfect, but I get to run around on stage playing the music I love. A four-string bass has more than enough strings for me. Have you seen the size of my hands? I do

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Interview: Andy Glass, We Came As Romans

When I was younger I was in a band at school and everyone was like, ‘I wanna play guitar, I wanna sing and I was like, I wanna be in the band, what will I do?’ I asked for a

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Interview: Sam Bean, The Senseless/The Berzerker

I try to extract the most power from the fewest notes. I find this is achieved by playing almost everything as an octave chord, or fast-picking melodies like a maniac. I do not play five- or six-string bass, because… well,

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Interview: Jamie Cavanagh, Anathema

I’m a drummer’s bassist! It’s all about locking with the kick and snare for me. Fairly introvert, but with some improvisation. There’s a lot going on in Anathema and sometimes it’s wise not to get in the way being too

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New Freekbass video!

Check it out…

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Interview: Mark Egan

I play a melodic groove style with focus on improvisation. I play five-string fretted and fretless basses because I like the possibilities that are available with a low B string. I also like the additional note choices that are available

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Interview: Ben Green, Godflesh

Pic: Diana Lynn Ring I would describe my bass style as heavy, downtuned and driving. Sometimes I play chords to give extra weight and depth. I like to have as big a physical impact on people’s bodies as I can.

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FM’s Merv Goldsworthy speaks!

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with FM bassist Merv Goldsworthy, released in time for the veteran UK rockers’ tour in May. They also have a new album out called Heroes And Villains. See dates below the feature! Tell us

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Interview: Ivo Ramalho, Poeticat

Even though I love a good low B sometimes, I do not play five- or six-string bass. I can get everything I need musically from a four-string bass: most of the bass players that have inspired me over the years

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David Cameron visits John Hornby Skewes

Chairman John H. Skewes and Managing Director Dennis J. Drumm were delighted to welcome Prime Minister David Cameron’s General Election ‘Battle Bus’ to the Garforth, Yorkshire premises of John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd., in this, the Golden Anniversary year

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