Colin Fennelly of Kerbdog on the bass zone

I use a Fender Precision through a Marshall valve head and Ampeg 8×10 cabs. I used to have a great Ampeg SVTII valve head which served me well for many years. It weighed a tonne! It sadly passed away last

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Josh Gilbert of Wovenwar talks bass

I stick to four strings because I’ve yet to encounter a time where I’ve needed the extended range above or below what the four strings can offer me. For lower tunings such as drop C, I usually use a .125

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Bass talk with Duncan Reid of Duncan Reid and The Big Heads

I think there is a fine line between overplaying and being boring. I don’t play super fast but it’s necessary to add some interest underneath all of the higher register instruments. The job of the bass is to anchor the

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Colin McKenzie of Intransit on the bass end

My playing style developed from a mix of influences, mainly jazz, R&B and rock. When I first started playing bass I was into rock, particularly Hendrix but later I also got heavily into R&B, funk and jazz. I’ve tried to

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Enfield Guitars offering 20% discount at LBGS!

Enfield Guitars (Stand D11) will be offering a 20% discount on all basses sold at the London Bass Guitar Show this coming weekend. Enfield head honcho Martin Sims (pictured) is also looking for volunteers to take part in a selfie

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Josh Werner of Helio Parallax talks the low frequencies

Pic: Greg Christman I would describe my bass style as deep pocket dub, melodic cosmic funk, hard bop afro psychedelic free rock. I choose four-string bass because less is more! I have built my concept around the creation and acknowledgement

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Freddy Villano of American Mafia whacks the bass

Pic: Max R Sequeira I’ve always been more into players who play bass, like James Jamerson, Boz Burrell, Andy Fraser, John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler and Bernard Edwards than the virtuosos. That probably stems from being more into great songs

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Rotosound artists hit the London Bass Guitar Show!

Rotosound will be at the London Bass Guitar Show on 7th and 8th March 2015, at the Olympia Conference Centre, London. Top Rotosound endorsees, Billy Sheehan, Doug Wimbish and Mark King will be appearing on their stand at the show.

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Jon Sykes of The Pineapple Thief goes to the low notes

Pic: Crystal Spotlight I would describe my bass style as as solid as possible. I think that you just have to hold it down and enjoy doing that. If you can run about, sing, make good contact with the audience

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Gabe Crisp of Whitechapel on the fine art of metal bass

I don’t play a five- or six-string bass any more, because I don’t need it and I love the feel of a four-string in my hands. As long as you have the right gauge strings, a four-string bass can get

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