Bernhard Lackner on bass

Coming from Austria, I had the chance to grow up listening to styles such as baroque and classical music and, as I developed further in my playing, I was introduced to bands like Chick Corea Electric Band, Pat Metheny and

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Chris Malin on bass matters

I love to complement the vocal melody and drums at the same time. I like to be heard and not be buried in the mix. I currently play a six-string fretless with no fretmarkers on it. I threw myself in

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13 minutes of bass education

How many have you got at your fingertips?

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Annie Gardiner of Hysterical Injury on the bass life

I would describe my bass style as intuitive and groovy. I don’t play a five-string because I prefer four. I used to play a Rickenbacker five-string and preferred to record with it, because I loved how it sounded like the

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Win weekend tickets to Reading/Leeds festivals worth £400!

Pic: Tina Korhonen Watch out for Bass Guitar Magazine’s August issue, out 29 July, for a cover interview with Arctic Monkeys bassist Nick O’Malley — and the chance to snap up two weekend tickets for either Reading or Leeds. Here’s

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Matt Stevenson of Max Raptor on the bass

I played the drums in Max Raptor up until 18 months ago. Now I’m playing the bass full-time, it’s really helped me understand both sides of the rhythm section. I’d say my bass style is rhythmic and solid, locking in

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Chasing The Shadow Of The Funk Machine

This is a short version of an upcoming feature. To support this incredible documentary please visit here Shortly before James Jamerson died, his legendary Precision bass, known as the Funk Machine, was stolen. A bass that had played on

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Peat Rains of You Bred Raptors? says hi

I never took lessons and have always felt a bit selfconscious in my ability to speak the musical language. When I try, it is often in a broken dialect with a heavy accent. My insecurities are compounded by being in

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Shaka Can!

We’re giving a firm thumbs-up and unashamed plug for the Shaka Zulu restaurant and live venue in Camden, London, where we saw BGM columnist and all-round bass Leg End Jeff Berlin strum the bass recently. Our man was playing at

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Tim King of Soil chats bass

I’m not a flashy player. I like to keep it solid and add fills and walking bass-lines where appropriate. I’m most comfortable on a four-string. I always figured that you can do just as much on a four-string as you

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