Jeff Williams of Onslaught marches into the bass zone

I would describe my bass style as tactless, lacking subtlety and with a slightly spiteful aftertaste. I do not play five- or six-string basses because they have too many strings. I slap because from time to time I work in

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Justin Smith of Purson talks bass

I don’t use a five- or a six-string. I don’t really see the point… The lower strings never sound very good to me. If you need notes that low, use an organ. I ain’t got no funk! I like my

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Zack Anderson of Blues Pills steps up

Pic: Kristoffer Oen I’ve always stuck to four-strings. I like to keep it simple, natural. I like the classic style, and all my heroes played four-string. I can’t think of a bass player who I’ve been influenced by that used

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Josh Werner on the low end

Pic: Greg Christman I would describe my bass style as deep pocket dub, melodic cosmic funk, hard bop afro psychedelic free rock. I choose four-string bass because less is more! I have built my concept around the creation and acknowledgement

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It’s another heavy metal day for Fredrik Larsson of Hammerfall

I mainly play five-strings since I always end up needing that low B, or in my case A. I’m not a big fan of ‘how low can you go’ and just pump on the B string, I use it when

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Tony McLoughlin of The Young Folk talks bass

Pic: Kathrin Baumbach I play a 1984 Japanese Fender Jazz. It was made for Fender at the famous FujiGen Gakki factory, a musical instrument manufacturer based at Matsumoto in Japan and named after the famous Mount Fuji. I swapped out

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James Shore of Oubliettes gets onto the low frequency

I get so much more enjoyment when playing in a band situation and bouncing off other musicians that it has developed my style into one that is solid and supportive with little variations to keep it interesting. My style has

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Ben Martin of Ventenner talks bass

I use distortion and other effects to create an adaptable spectrum of tones to fit the light and shade sections within our songs. I play a four-string Fender Jazz: it’s the one I’ve gigged with for years and I feel

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James Lascu of Wilson on the bass end

Pic: Anthony Norkus I’m strictly a finger player. I basically try to blast my strings as hard as possible while still maintaining precision and timing. With Wilson, I strictly play four-string basses live. I’m not opposed to using multi-string basses

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Joe Hubbard talks bass

I’m an improvising bassist. Improvisation is a concept of creating musical lines based on understanding the components of music which includes melody, harmony, rhythm, counterpoint and form. When learning you need to break down all of these components in isolation

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