Aidan McGarrigle of Massive is looking for his bass gear back…

My playing style is very influenced by a lot of my early favourite bands, and guys like Steve Harris and Cliff Burton had a big part in that. There’s a number of others, but largely it’s bassists who were playing

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Moons bassist Ben Curtis talks the low end

With the Moons the bass parts are prominent and integral to the sound of the band and the songs. I think that’s because Andy, who writes our songs, was the bass player in his previous band so he’s happy for

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Paul Hoddy of Conflict on bass

Pic: Dod Morrison I would describe my playing style as very aggressive and fast, that is why I play a five-string bass as the strings are a little bit closer together. Slapping the bass has always eluded me: I can

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Joshua Wooldridge of Martyr De Mona at the low end

I like my lines to differ from the guitar riffs to complement each instrument, without deviating too much. I play five-string bass, because it adds depth to my lines. I don’t like to integrate the lower notes too much, but

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Martyn Millard of Orange Goblin on the bass end

Pic: Ester Segarra No thrills, no pick! It’s all about the fingers! I certainly do not play five- or six-string basses. I have enough trouble with four… I do not slap. There really isn’t much of a call for it

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Jam Hot!

Meet & Jam, the new networking platform, is taking digital connections between musicians into the real world on Friday 6th February, as 7 simultaneous ‘Jam Nights’ take place across the country. Venues from Bath to Leeds and London via Newcastle

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Jamie Burns of The Idle Hands talks bass

The secret of playing bass well is listening to and developing a great partnership with your drummer. The better your drummer is, the quicker you learn and improve as a bass player. Also, listen to, watch and absorb all music.

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Rhos Horan of Raglans on bass life

I’ve never had an interest in a five- or six-string. A four-string is all I need at the moment. I don’t slap because our songs would sound very lame if I did. The secret of playing bass? Tell me when

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Francisco ‘Pancho’ Tomaselli of Philm, War and Tower Of Power on the bass

I’ve always played a four-string bass. If I need lower tones I simply tune my bass a minor third below to C#F#B E. My first bass was a very cheap Bizcane Jazz. My bass heroes are Rocco Prestia, Family Man,

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John Wetton returns with UK farewell dates

In a rare opportunity to see a group of true music pioneers, the two founding members of legendary progressive-rock supergroup ‘UK’ have reunited for the very last time to perform a limited series of concerts on their 2015 ‘Final World

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