‘Left Hand’ Graham of the Doyle Band gets pointy

I do not play five- or six-string bass, because my caveman brain cannot fathom it. I do not slap, because I can’t stand the sound of it! The secret of playing bass well is learning to really listen to the

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Duffy Snowhill of Bigelf speaks out

I do not play five- or six-string bass. The joke in Finland is that the two extra strings are just to use as a strap. Bass players are too stupid to play more than four strings. I used to have

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Byron Luiters of the John Butler Trio says hello

The secret of playing bass well, for me, it not caring: forgetting what you’ve learned and playing in the moment. My first bass was a Yamaha RBX four-string; my favourite bass ever to date is my 1971 Fender Precision. My

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Mo Foster lays it down

An action shot of the great man at the London Bass Guitar Show 2014, courtesy of Jonathan Stewart and the Musicians’ Union. Info:

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Ben Clarke of LTNT says hi

I would describe my bass style as heavy, fuzzy and understated whilst trying to keep it interesting. Like a gargantuan wildebeest, subtly galloping along four parallel tightropes. In my mind, the secret of playing bass well is to be super

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Hayley Jane Batt (Freelance Whales, Tei Shi, Catey Shaw) on her bass philosophy

My bass style is warm and groove-heavy. My Fender Jazz four-string does the trick, and I haven’t needed more strings until this point. My job is the low end – so I’ll stick to that. I do not slap, because

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Mark Round of Birthrite steps up

I would describe my bass style as fast finger plucking style. It’s funk-influenced, but I love the heavy dirt and darkness of valve. I try to get as much chromatic work in as possible, love a sweet run between octaves,

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Dark lord of bass Orion from Behemoth checks in

First of all I’ve learned a lot through all the years playing guitar and listening to a great bassist who played with me. Then I picked up bass myself, going through all techniques and adapting them to my own needs.

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Mark White of the Spin Doctors talks the low end

I slap because I totally love the way it sounds, especially on a Fender Jazz and a Musicman. The secret of playing bass well is listening and having a good idea what everybody else is doing. My first bass was

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It’s John Thompson of The Selecter!

I would describe my bass style as adaptable. I’ve got a five-string which sounds really nice, but to be honest every time I bring it to rehearsals most of the bands I play with just say ‘Why don’t you just

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