Sir Curtly Ambrose: From Pace to Bass

Cricket legend Sir Curtly Ambrose has long since exchanged the bat and ball for the bass – but as he releases his long-awaited autobiography, the great man explains that sport and music are not so different after all

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Sean Yseult: Live Undead

I don’t think people grow up thinking, ‘One day I’m going to be a bass player’.

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John Campbell: Storm Warning

With their new album VII: Sturm Und Drang, Virginian metalheads Lamb Of God restate their claim as headbangers most likely to take over the planet. Bassist John Campbell talks the low frequencies: Joel McIver asks the questions

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Simply Devine

Scott Devine is the man behind online bass resource Scott’s Bass Lessons. Ellen O’Reilly goes for a surf

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Al Barrow: Magnum Force

Al Barrow plays bass with the British melodic rock legends Magnum. Joe Daly meets him on a storyteller’s night…

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John Robb, the Membranes: Dear John

Bassist, singer, journo, author, punk legend… is there anything John Robb of the Membranes can’t do, asks Ian Glasper

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The Science of Skjold

Luthier Pete Skjold believes making a bass is as much science as art. He lets Ben Cooper in on the details

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David Ellefson: Til Deth Do Us Part

Megadeth are back with a new album, Dystopia – and bassist David Ellefson’s gobsmacking chops are better than ever. Joel McIver asks how he does it after all these years

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Robert DeLeo: Stone Immaculate

Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots is that rare bassist, a man who has played the world’s biggest stadiums but never lost sight of his roots. Joel McIver talks to him about ‘60s rock, the dreaded grunge tag and the curse of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)…

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Jah Wobble: Magnum Force

Post-punk legend Jah Wobble chats to Hugh Gulland about life at the top of the bass tree

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