The Science of Skjold


Luthier Pete Skjold believes making a bass is as much science as art. He lets Ben Cooper in on the details

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David Ellefson: Til Deth Do Us Part

_TK04606_web copy

Megadeth are back with a new album, Dystopia – and bassist David Ellefson’s gobsmacking chops are better than ever. Joel McIver asks how he does it after all these years

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Robert DeLeo: Stone Immaculate


Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots is that rare bassist, a man who has played the world’s biggest stadiums but never lost sight of his roots. Joel McIver talks to him about ‘60s rock, the dreaded grunge tag and the curse of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)…

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Jah Wobble: Magnum Force

wobble 2001

Post-punk legend Jah Wobble chats to Hugh Gulland about life at the top of the bass tree

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Jack of All Trades: Jack Gibson


From pounding out thrash metal with Exodus to fronting his own outlaw country band, Jack Gibson is more than your average headbanger, says Ben Cooper

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All That Jazz: Paula Gardiner

Paula Gardiner Crop001

In a refreshing change from your usual sweaty rock bassists, we present an interview with Paula Gardiner, Head of Jazz at the Royal College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, and a long-serving upright bassist and recording artist. Words: Joel McIver

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A Dog’s Life: Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan, London, September 2013. © Tina Korhonen, all rights reserved.

We delve into the archive and pick up a chat with Billy Sheehan following the release of the Winery Dogs’ first album: With his new band the Winery Dogs, bassist extraordinaire Billy Sheehan has returned to the top of the rock scene. Mike Brooks gets the low-down

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Ben McKee, Imagine Dragons

Ben McKee, Imagine Dragons, Birmingham, UK. Novemer 2015. Photo by Tina Korhonen/

Ben McKee of Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons is a bassist in a hugely enviable position. With his band selling out arenas across the planet, and their songs breaking records in an era when the music industry is in its death throes, McKee and his comrades are defeating the paradigm with ease

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The First Lady: Carol Kaye

Carol Kaye In The Recording Studio

Carol Kaye is a living legend of the bass guitar. Alison Richter meets her for a chat about her unique career

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Way Up: Pete Way


Pete Way is one of this country’s true heavy rock legends. Lee Marlow meets the great man for a chat about a life spent at the low end

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