The First Lady: Carol Kaye

Carol Kaye In The Recording Studio

Carol Kaye is a living legend of the bass guitar. Alison Richter meets her for a chat about her unique career

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Way Up: Pete Way


Pete Way is one of this country’s true heavy rock legends. Lee Marlow meets the great man for a chat about a life spent at the low end

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Pat Badger: More Than Bass


Extreme bassist Pat Badger talks to Ben Cooper about life after rock stardom.

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Troy Sanders: English Castle Magic


Troy Sanders plays bass. He also sings. Not only that, he is the frontman of Mastodon, a band that is quite possibly the most exciting musical force of the heavy rock persuasion operating today. Joel McIver asks the questions; Tina Korhonen takes the shots.

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Nick Simper: Purple Daze


Deep Purple’s founding bassist Nick Simper looks back with Harry Paterson.

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John Taylor: Groove Master

Photo by Tina Korhonen/ © 2012, all rights reserved

Duran Duran bassist John Taylor reinvented the funk bass-line in the 1980s, and in the process became a pin-up for teenage pop fans’ bedroom walls. Three decades later, Dave Clarke talks to the great man about fame, fortune, Chic, Aria and his bestselling autobiography

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John Bentley: Still Cool


Harry Paterson meets John Bentley of Squeeze.

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Tom Araya: Slay Ride

Tom Araya, London May 2015. photo by Tina Korhonen ©

Two years on from founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman’s untimely passing, the band that defined thrash metal are back with a new album. Slayer singer and bassist Tom Araya tells Amit Sharma about his incredible four-string journey…

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Steve Lawson: Even Steven


Of the dozens of bass players who have appeared on the cover of this magazine since 2002, few can claim to have their own, truly individual voice. But that’s because Steve Lawson hasn’t been on there – until now

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Interview: Syan Barlow, Tribazik

“I really enjoy watching Les Claypool. So intricate but gnarly plus groovy to boot. A great example of how his sound and technique mirrors his whole surreal aesthetic”

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