Nikki Sixx: Permanent Vacation

Nikki Sixx MC live 4 2015_580px

American rock legends Mötley Crüe have finally quit playing live shows. Amit Sharma catches up with bassist Nikki Sixx to find out what’s next for the bassist who died, was brought back to life and wrote a hit song about it,

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Ben McKee: Imagine Dragons


Ben McKee of Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons is a bassist in a hugely enviable position. With his band selling out arenas across the planet, and their songs breaking records in an era when the music industry is in its

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Tim Commerford: Future Shock


Rage Against The Machine are the most politically outspoken rock band ever formed, anchored by the incredible bass playing of Tim Commerford. With Rage “on a break” and supergroup Audioslave no more, Mr C. returns with an even more uncompromising

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Sean Malone: Bass Believer

Theater of the Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA
August 7, 2014

Bassist, composer, academic, author, progressive bass legend: for Professor Sean Malone, music is a form of philosophy. Joel McIver meets the great man, who provides us with a finger-stretching guest lesson with Cynic’s ‘Kindly Bent To Free Us’

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Sir Curtly Ambrose: From Pace to Bass

credit www spiritedband com_

Cricket legend Sir Curtly Ambrose has long since exchanged the bat and ball for the bass – but as he releases his long-awaited autobiography, the great man explains that sport and music are not so different after all

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Sean Yseult: Live Undead

I don’t think people grow up thinking, ‘One day I’m going to be a bass player’.

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John Campbell: Storm Warning

With their new album VII: Sturm Und Drang, Virginian metalheads Lamb Of God restate their claim as headbangers most likely to take over the planet. Bassist John Campbell talks the low frequencies: Joel McIver asks the questions

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Simply Devine

Scott Devine Photo 1_web

Scott Devine is the man behind online bass resource Scott’s Bass Lessons. Ellen O’Reilly goes for a surf

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Al Barrow: Magnum Force

Magnum 03 for AB_web

Al Barrow plays bass with the British melodic rock legends Magnum. Joe Daly meets him on a storyteller’s night…

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John Robb, the Membranes: Dear John


Bassist, singer, journo, author, punk legend… is there anything John Robb of the Membranes can’t do, asks Ian Glasper

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