Bassically speaking: Kaveh Rastegar, Kneebody

I don’t play a six-string bass because I love the bass. I love where it sits in the mix and I already play guitar/baritone guitar. I love slapping. Why wouldn’t you like slapping? Have you ever heard ‘Hair’ by Graham

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Bassically speaking: Simone Masina, Muppets

simone massina

I like to play in the deep end, in an unrelenting counterpoint with the vocals, probably because of my classical music background. I usually play five-string bass, because I really love the powerful sound of the B string. The secret

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Bassically speaking: Dan Browning, Cave


Top bass player, Dan Browning, tells us what what he does in less time than it takes to tune up

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Bassically speaking: Nick Latham

nick latham

When I’m writing songs I tend to like playing root notes and adding melodies over the top. I have two five-string basses; one strung B-G and one E-C. I like the powerful low notes of the B string, and I

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Bassically speaking: Derek Boyer, Suffocation

I take a very different approach to death metal bass playing than most of the players around me. I’m a finger player, and I’m not just there to fill in the bottom of a mix or play guitar on a

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As Jeff: additional strings and musical ability


Hi Jeff, I’m enjoying your column very much and I thought I’d throw a question at you that has bothered me all my bass-playing life. How much does musical ability come from within and how much is it gained from

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Bassiaclly speaking: George Giourgis, Entropy


I would describe my bass style as loud and aggressive. I play a five-string because it’s near impossible to play our songs with four. I do not slap because I leave that to guys who can make it sound good.

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Bass scholarship


This has been a big month for me, prepping for and taking my final exams at the Institute. I don’t have my results yet, but should find out how well I did over the summer. A few days after our

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Bassically speaking: Chris Kael, Five Finger Death Punch


My bass style is song-oriented. No matter the amount of shredding I have in the ol’ toolbox, the song is always the focus. I’ll play whatever it is to make the song as strong as it can possibly be. It’s

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Meet the team: Mike Brooks

Basses My main squeezes are a Status Empathy, GB Rumour, Musicman StingRay (H/HH) and a Fender P/J, but I use what’s needed based on the band or job. The arsenal consists of examples by Status, GB, Ernie Ball Musicman, Trace Elliot (T-Bass),

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