Domenic Seita of A Storm Of Light checks in

My bass style is slow and steady. Fast and forgiving. Bold and boring. Moving and moist. I wouldn’t know what to do with more than four strings. If anything, I was thinking about taking one or two away from my

‘Left Hand’ Graham of the Doyle Band gets pointy

I do not play five- or six-string bass, because my caveman brain cannot fathom it. I do not slap, because I can’t stand the sound of it! The secret of playing bass well is learning to really listen to the

Duffy Snowhill of Bigelf speaks out

I do not play five- or six-string bass. The joke in Finland is that the two extra strings are just to use as a strap. Bass players are too stupid to play more than four strings. I used to have



Ibanez SRI200E Premier

Ibanez has a new Premium range of basses. Mike Brooks finds out if ‘Premium’ means Waitrose or Aldi…


Carvin SB5000F

Mike Hine gets his slap on with this five-string 5000


G&L SB-2 Tribute

A conventional looking package from G&L… but does it deliver the goods in a manner worthy of the name, asks Mike Brooks



London Bass Guitar Show 2014

The London Bass Guitar Show took place in association with BGM on 1 and 2 March and was, if anything, even more of an event than last year’s runaway success. Will the halls of Olympia ever recover? Saturday 1st March

Vintage Trouble Shot 1-391

Bassically speaking: Rick Barrio Dill, Vintage Trouble

In Vintage Trouble, I love the simplicity of where we collectively come from. We lean back towards a time in music in the 1950s and early 1960s where the equipment was still fairly basic and the songwriting and the passion

iron tongue credit ZechMcGhee

Bassically speaking: Andy Warr, Iron Tongue

I try to play to suit the band I am playing with at the moment, but most of the folks that I play with say that it sounds like I am using my fingers, but I actually use a pick.


AC Guitars announce new range of woods

AC Guitars is very pleased to announce the introduction of the ART tops and fingerboards. The ART woods (Acrylic Resin Treated) will be available in the Über Series of basses and represent the ongoing partnership between AC Guitars and Gallery Hardwoods. This

Brand new Yamaha TRBX range coming!

Fingers at the ready. We played all three of Yamaha’s new basses, from the budget sub-£200 version to the midlevel bass with five-position preset EQ and the top-of-the-range TRBX. Look out for a review in Bass Guitar Magazine shortly…

Michael Anthony’s new axe…

  We saw this amazing signature Yamaha BB at NAMM — and even better, the original, practically smashed-to-pieces BB with which MA made his name back in the early Van Halen days. If these basses could only talk, as the


cage the gods001

Cage the Gods’ Mitch Witham reveals his bass deities

In the studio, I try to get quite an aggressive tone by digging into the strings with a pick – gives it a nice bit of attack!

Richard Turner of Blackberry Smoke checks in

In my head, my tiny brain only really wants two strings: the E for bass lines and the A for soloing – that’s really all that’s required

Credit Jorge Bleedingumz

Brendan Duff of Fissure cracks open his bass book

I would describe my bass style as fast and noisy. I do not play five- or six-string bass, because if I wanted any more than four I would play guitar

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